Always Look Presentable (even for an 8 a.m. class)

lessons from madame chicAbout a year ago my mother gave me this amazing book “Lessons from Madame Chic” by Jennifer L. Scott. It’s about the author’s own experience living in Paris with “Madame Chic.” Each chapter in the book is a lesson she learned while living in Paris. I love this book, it inspired me to change the way I live and challenged me to improve myself in several different ways.

One of those was how I dress. I love beautiful clothes and putting together outfits, however one of the first things that really made an impression on me when I came to college was the number of people who went throughout the day wearing sweatpants or athletic clothes. It was a majority of the students on campus. After the shock wore off I thought “what’s the big deal, if they do it, it must be okay.” (Never a good way to think.) My freshman year, at least a few days a week, I would go to class with shorts and a tee shirt, it was faster and easier thank taking the time to look presentable, so why not? However over the summer I remembered Madam Chic’s lesson of always looking presentable. You don’t see people in Paris walking around in athletic clothes! That is because they appreciate the importance of dressing well on a daily basis.

Obviously there is much more to a person than what they wear, however if you take a few minutes to put together an outfit, that says to others that you respect yourself, as well as demonstrates consistency and responsibility. Dressing well is a privilege that we should take advantage of every day. When I say look presentable, that doesn’t mean taking an hour to do your hair, your makeup and have a show-stopping outfit, it just means to take a few minutes before we go out so that we know we look put together, when we do this we show the people around us (in my case, teachers, co-workers, other students) that we respect ourselves and others.

Take a few minutes every day to put on something a little more fun than shorts and a tee shirt, you will feel more confident and look chic!

For some tips on looking presentable check out what Jennifer L. Scott has to say

Her blog is also awesome and if you haven’t read “Lessons from Madame Chic”, pick it up! It’s a quick and easy ready and will change your life!

I am always happy to hear your feedback, let me know what you think!


2 thoughts on “Always Look Presentable (even for an 8 a.m. class)

  1. So true! I hate it when people are dressed in athletic clothes and they are neither about to go or just finished working out. Take 5 minutes to at least put on jeans, a blouse or sweater, and decent shoes. And lip gloss. 🙂

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