‘I’ve Got a Dream”

One of my favorite movies is a Disney musical called Tangled. In the movie there is a song called “I’ve got a dream” in which all these people sing about what their dreams are, and though they all express these desires, most of the singers are currently in occupations that have nothing to do with what they are really passionate about. I find this to be true in real life as well: most people have dreams but are not in the process of fulfilling them. The thing about dreams is that often we don’t see them as possible.  We just assume they are unattainable and go about our lives doing things that aren’t nearly as fun but are more “realistic.”

A few years ago I read a book called “The Success Principles for Teens” by Jack Canfield. Reading that book really changed my whole perspective on life, until then I was planning on following a very rational life plan that wasn’t great but was tolerable. Ever since I read that book it occurred to me that maybe dreams don’t have to be idle moments of wishful thinking. Maybe we can actually do something related to what we want most in the world. One of the suggestions in this book was creating a vision board.

A vision board can be a cork-board, a poster,  or even just a piece of paper, that has images and words related to what you  want to accomplish. In this way, you see pictures that remind you of what you want on a daily basis. You become motivated to keep pursuing these dreams. Go sit down and think about what it is that you want to do with your life, you may not have a super clear idea and even if you do that idea may change. But the younger you are when  recognize what you want the sooner you can start accomplishing it. Putting those desires in a place that’s outside your mind makes them seem a lot closer. So go take a few minutes to get pictures from magazines or the internet and get to work! It’s really fun and for many people having a vision board helped them accomplish their dreams.

The picture above is my vision board, I look at it every day and it has an incredible effect. If I’m feeling discouraged or unmotivated just glancing at my board makes me feel inspired again. I highly recommend making a vision board and reading “The Success Principles.” That book had a huge positive impact on my life. So get inspired and get to work!

Thanks for reading and as always let me know what you think!


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