Wednesday’s are tricky because on one hand, we’re halfway through the week (yay!) but on the other, we still have half the week left. So I thought to make everyone’s Wednesday more positive than negative I would write a short post about ‘Winspiration’ with some motivation to make it through the week. So today’s ‘Winspiration’ is about Doing Hard Things. When you have a goal, making plans is the easy part. For example: I am going to lose weight, or, I am going to make all A’s etc.The hard part is following through. Sometimes I think that because we think something is so hard, we tell ourselves that we probably shouldn’t do it. Going out of our comfort zone makes us uncomfortable so we avoid it. So many times I’ve talked myself out of things simply because they seem so difficult. Now I’ve learned that without some struggle we cannot expect to accomplish much. What makes it difficult also makes it worth it. If succeeding were always easy, everyone would be at the exact weight they wanted, would have perfect grades, their dream job etc. If you have a goal that you’re working toward, that’s awesome! Stick to your plan even when it seems too difficult. Ever since I decided to embrace the struggle I’ve been able to do so much more than I thought I could, and I know you can too. Don’t give up, we’re halfway to Friday!

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