6 Tips to Stay Fashionable on a Budget


Happy Saturday everyone! In case you all haven’t already noticed, today is the first day of March! Yay! It won’t be long before it starts warming up and that means the time for wardrobe updating is almost upon us.

I love fashion, I love clothes, I love shopping; the problem with this is that being a college student trying to save up money for after I graduate, spending a ton of money on clothes is just not a good idea. Unfortunately some of my favorite brands can get pretty pricey, because of this over the past years I’ve had to learn to be smart about how I shop. Here are some tips that might help when you go shopping and don’t want to empty your wallet. Happy shopping!

1) Quality>Quantity: One of the many important lessons I’ve learned from Jennifer L. Scott (http://dailyconnoisseur.blogspot.com/) is that you do not need a ton of clothes. Once you’ve stopped growing you should focus on getting pieces that are better quality. Obviously you will get tired of some items or they will wear out eventually but it is better to spend money on a few pieces that are good quality and that you love than to have a bunch of low-quality pieces that are okay.

2) Thrift-shop! Macklemore wrote a whole song about this, because it’s awesome! Going to second-hand stores is a great way to save money and forces you to be creative about your wardrobe. There are the thrift-shops that are everywhere such as Goodwill and then there are some that are more like second-hand boutiques. I’ve gotten so many good deals from second-hand shops, one of my favorite Lilly dresses is from a store that sells second-hand clothes from good brands called Uptown Cheapskate.Look in your area, I’m positive there are several second-hand stores near you.

3) Mix it up: As I said earlier, I love the nice brands as much as the next girl. But if you’re on a budget, it doesn’t make sense to turn down cute clothes just because they aren’t the exact brand you want. I have a mixture of the brands, the ones I love along with other, less expensive brands. It allows me to switch more pieces out for the season without feeling bad about how much money I spent on them.

4) Beauty is Care: This may be kind of a no-brainer but if you get clothes that are expensive, take care of them! Don’t toss them on the floor or leave them in piles around your room, the point of getting good-quality clothing is to make them last. (For organizational tips check out Neatsmart at mixiedesigns.wordpress.com).

5) Don’t follow the crowd: Some times certain clothes come in style and we feel like we have to have them just because everyone else does. Don’t worry about what other people wear and don’t spend money on clothes just because other people are buying the same thing. Spend money on the clothes that you love and that you see yourself wearing over time.

6) If you don’t love it, let it go: Every once in a while I’ll buy something impulsively and then hardly ever wear it. Don’t do that. If you see something you might like, don’t buy it immediately, try it on, check if there are other things it goes with in your wardrobe and if it’s expensive sleep on it. It’s not a good feeling when you spend money on something only to regret it later.

Hope this was helpful! And as always if you have any questions please comment below or let me know your thoughts. What are your fashion tips?

Thank you so much reading 🙂


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