Winspiration- Warrior Not Worrier

warriorIn less than two weeks my school is out for Spring break (yay!). However, because we’re halfway through the semester this means that for the next week and a half I will have assignments due, quizzes and exams in all of my classes. Needless to say I have good reasons to be stressed right now.  I’m sure if you are a college student you are going through something similar. And even if you’re not in school, we all have times when we get so overwhelmed that stress seems inevitable.

I am the queen of worry. I worry about school, working out, the food I eat, why someone is taking so long to text me back…so many things. Last semester all this stress finally got to me and I had to take some time to reassess my approach to life. I came to the realization that worrying about things…doesn’t help. It actually hinders us. “Worrying is like praying for what you don’t want.” Um, that’s not good. Basically if you know about people that take time to envision what they want to happen, for example Olympic athletes, this is what worrying is, except we envision the worst-possible scenarios.

When we stress about something we’re not resolving the issue, we’re just wasting time and energy that we could put toward finding a solution. Stress has so many negative effects on us including weight gain, memory loss, inability to focus and so many more!

Having said all this, I think one of the solutions that has worked for me is just to do. Stop thinking about it and take action! If you’re stressed about how much work you have, sit down make a list of all the things that need to get done  (I love lists) and just start with the first thing on that list. If you’re worried about gaining weight go for a run! If you’re worried about what someone thinks about you or something they said realize that you don’t have control over it and move on. I love to think, but sometimes thinking isn’t the solution. Thinking about negative outcomes just makes them seem more real and gives them power over us. Sometimes we need to stop thinking and take action.

Be a warrior not a worrier

Hope this helps everyone to have a stress-free week! And please let me know any thoughts you have or ask questions!


PS: Halfway to Friday

3 thoughts on “Winspiration- Warrior Not Worrier

  1. So true! The more time you spend worrying about something the less time to have to enjoy the other, more pleasant things in life. ‘Just do it’ is a brill tag line.

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