Waiting for Superman

I don’t know if any of you have heard this song, it’s been playing on the radio recently, called “Waiting for Superman” by a band named Daughtry. I’m not sure what Daughtry wanted his listeners to feel when he wrote this song (or whoever wrote it) but when I hear it, I feel sad, especially  because it is  not necessarily unrealistic. The girl in this song is spending her whole life waiting for her hero to come. I think this song sends a message that a lot of girls relate to. We spend our lives waiting for Mr. Right to come complete us. Especially in college, the expectation is that there is where you are supposed to meet this perfect hero/prince. So instead of really pursuing our dreams and becoming the person we want to be, we wait. Instead of worrying about what we really want to do or the person we want to be, we worry about looking and being a girl that we think a guy wants. 

Guys (or at least the good ones) like girls who are confident, happy and driven. Who wouldn’t like someone like that? One of my favorite quotes from a book called “The Fault in Our Stars” by John Green is this:

“You are so busy being you, that you don’t realize how utterly unprecedented you are.”

Wow. That one really got to me. And I realized that that is what we should be aiming for. Being completely immersed in the person we want to be, and loving that person! We can’t wait for someone else to tell us our value, that kind of confidence is fragile and easily destroyed. Work on being the best version of yourself. And be patient. Don’t focus on the fact that you don’t have a boyfriend and don’t settle! Figure out what you want to do and go for it, be that person. Don’t feel lonely or unhappy, you literally have the world at your feet with so many opportunities to take. You have friends and family who love you and a bright future ahead. Someone will find you when it’s the right time and you will be so happy that you didn’t settle for something less the amazing.

our value

Don’t wait for superman, be your own hero.

Please comment or ask any questions, feel free to email me them as well: mirandakatemixon@gmail.com

Have a great weekend!


One thought on “Waiting for Superman

  1. Amen!! Focus on being the best “you” and you’ll attract the right person. Don’t try to become someone else in order to make someone like you. It NEVER works.

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