Winspiration Wednesday: Happiness vs Pleasure


Everyone wants to be happy, we just do. It’s what we’re made for. We were made for happiness. We were made to become the best version of ourselves. So why is it that we’re not? You can blame your environment, your teachers, your parents or brownies (my personal downfall) but the only thing that gets in our way is ourselves.

And why is that, you ask? I will tell you. It’s because our society, (okay maybe there is a little external blame here), worships pleasure. Not happiness. Pleasure is not happiness. The difference between happiness and pleasure is this: pleasure does not outlast it’s object. Pleasure is short-term whereas happiness isn’t. You get pleasure when you eat a cupcake but when its gone, so is your pleasure, (that’s why we have to reach for the next one). So we procrastinate our homework to watch television, we eat more than we need to, we sleep instead of exercise in the mornings all because we choose pleasure over and over again.

The weird thing is, we almost always regret it after. We get angry and frustrated at ourselves and say we’re not going to do it again. But then we do. Weird.

So the question is this: how do we stop? how do we get out of this self-destructive cycle? Well, as always, I have some tips for you guys!

1- Moderation is key: it really is. Don’t overdo it. If you want to eat healthier don’t cut out all the sugary foods you love at once, just writing that was depressing. Start with just one thing, like maybe cutting out cake and replacing it with a square (or two) of dark chocolate. If you want to start working out most days start with just a few times a week for 30 minutes and build your way up. If you start too strong you’ll run out of willpower too soon and cave in to those cravings.

2- Find a role model: Sometimes its easy to feel like we’re the only ones fighting this battle of mind over matter. But we’re not! All successful people have to make hard decisions daily to choose the choice that won’t hinder further growth. I keep a list of people who inspire me on my desk to remind me that I’m not alone and that what I want is possible. Some of these amazing people are: Marie Forleo, Gabby Bernstein and Kate Northup. If you are having trouble finding a good role model definitely check these chicks out!

3- Surround yourself with motivation: Your environment can matter, it does not make or break you but when I’m feeling incredibly unmotivated I look up at my vision board and it really does inspire me to keep going. Have some inspirational quotes as your background on your computer or phone screen, or maybe just tape them to your wall, have reminders around you to help you when you’re feeling unmotivated.

4- Remember the domino effect: I’ve learned this the hard way and it really is incredible. The more good decisions you make the easier it gets and the more likely you are to repeat them. It is the same for bad decisions. Our habits are what define us. Not what we do occasionally, so when it comes to every decision you make remember the domino effect.

5- Also, remember you’re human: If you’re reading this post, I’m going to go ahead and assume you’re a human, so keep that in mind. We’re always going to mess up, we’re not perfect and that’s okay. Be patient with yourself. It’s normal to make mistakes and just part of the process, the important things is to never stop trying. Like, ever.

When we stop living for pleasure we can begin to find happiness. #tweetable

So, what are your weaknesses? Brownies? Shopping? Comment below or send me an email.





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