Why Anxiety is Funny and How I Cope With it.

my mind 2

I decided that for this post I wanted to talk about something that is a) relatable and b) gives some insight into my personality. I follow several blogs and love it when the blogger reveals something about who they are, it makes me feel as though I know them better and they’re not just personas on the internet. So I thought you guys might appreciate that as well.

Sometime in the past five or six years I started having more and more anxiety: irrational fears, extreme nervousness, easily provoked distress etc. It’s not something that you would see in me right off the bat, (thankfully), but my family and close friends know that is something I struggle with. (But they have to love me anyway so ha.)

This past school year was my sophomore year of college and also the peak of my anxiety level. I had a very heavy course load and a job, and  not having my family around to help made it worse. I even seriously considered withdrawing from the university. Against all odds, I was able to pull through and second semester I was able to cope a little better.

This summer I promised myself I would work on this issue. Obviously there is a very evident way to make this problem go away and that is taking medication. I’m not going to say that it never crossed my mind (it seems so convenient) but it’s never been a serious option for me. The thing is, I can cope with it, it’s just challenging. But that’s okay. As I’ve become more aware of it I’ve made more serious attempts to stay calm, some things that have helped include:

having a routine

exercising regularly

eating well and not letting myself go too long without food

drinking water

drinking chamomile tea or decaf green tea


plan plan plan ahead

The funny thing about anxiety is that, for the most part, it really is all in our heads. I mean I did have a lot on my plate but I made it all a much bigger deal in my mind. I’ve started training myself every time I start getting stressed to take a deep breath and (mentally) take a step back. Is this as big of a deal as I’m making it? (typically, no.)  Am I in mortal danger? (nope.) Can this be fixed? (yes!) And after I go through this mental checklist I realize things aren’t as bad as I’m making them out to be.

Also gratitude is an awesome coping mechanism, once you start thinking about all the good things you have, you realize they vastly outnumber the bad things. 

How do you cope with stress? Any tips?



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