Why I want to be steadfast

steadfast 2

I love words. I love hearing them, I love writing them and I love speaking them. I especially enjoy saying words that one doesn’t hear everyday. (Dorky, I know). One of my favorite words is “steadfast.” I know I’ve used it in previous posts but I thought it would be cool to expand on it some more, I love the word itself and I feel that the meaning is an important lesson that can be learned.

If you look on dictionary.com there are several definitions of the word; the one I found to be most accurate for my purpose is this:

firm in purpose, resolution, faith, attachment, etc., as a person: a steadfast friend.

 Someone who is steadfast is unwavering, completely true to who they are and what they stand for. This is something I’ve struggled with since I can remember. Too many times I’ve let other people or circumstances sway my decisions; fortunately, none of these situations were life-changing decisions or even important moments at all. However, I think the little, everyday moments largely define who you are and not just the big ones, which happen much less frequently.

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve become aware of this issue. As you probably know, the first step to overcoming any problem is realizing its existence. I would like to say that it is something that I’ve improved on, but to be perfectly honest, I still have a long way to go. Overall, I would say I have learned to be more decisive but even recently I have encountered situations in which I know I acted in a way that wasn’t exactly in tune with my “ideal” self.

I think this is something  a lot of people struggle with, we all want to be accepted and us girls especially tend to be “people pleasers;” meaning we want everyone to be happy so we say and do things we otherwise might not have.

I think the most important lesson that I’ve learned about being steadfast is that your true friends and your family will love you for exactly who you are. I know how cheesy that may sound but sometimes it’s easy to forget that regardless of what others think, there will always be those who care about us and cherish us because of who we are, not despite of it.

Don’t be afraid to say or do what you firmly believe is the right thing, no matter how insignificant the situation may seem. When you are steadfast in your values, you will attract the right people to you and they will appreciate your unwavering strength of character.

How do you cope with peer pressure?



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