4 simple tips for scheduling it all in for the Fall.


First of all, I want to apologize for not having written in like, forever. Okay it’s only been a month or so but it really has felt like much longer than that. This summer has been very busy, much more so than I anticipated. Overall, everything that has been going on is good, and  I am grateful for all the opportunities I have been given. However, as the summer is coming to a close, (ah!) I’ve realized that maybe I should have been a little more guarded with my time. I made sacrifices to fit everything in that maybe I shouldn’t have; there were many nights where my sleep was less than satisfactory (4 hours is not enough, FYI) and too many First Class Act posts went unwritten. As the school year approaches, I’m determined to make a commitment to value my time.

The reason for this is because time is the most valuable resource we have.

What you become, what your life turns out to be, is a direct result of how you spend your time.

If you spend your time eating Fritos and watching Toddlers and Tiaras, I mean, good luck. The trick is not only to spend your time doing things that will help your future, but also to take the time to take care of you! And by this I mean getting sufficient sleep, exercising regularly and eating well. So of course, the question is, how do we do this?

1. Do not make too many commitments. This one is a no-brainer but also so hard for me, I love to sign up to do everything, take as many credit hours as I can and spend time any downtime with friends. As a result, I become overwhelmed and end up wanting nothing more than for the semester to be over. This time around I’m taking one less class than I know I would like to and I’ve cut down on my extra-curricular’s. So look at your schedule for this up-coming semester and be honest with how much is reasonable for you to do.

2. Schedule in everything. Get a planner and go for it. I love my Lilly agenda so much and I have made a very detailed schedule that includes everything, even exercise and blog time. Obviously you can’t plan every moment of your life but if you don’t make time for something in advance, the chances of it happening plummet pretty dramatically.

Get your Lilly here! http://www.lillypulitzer.com/section/Agendas/429.uts

3. Learn to say ‘no’. This is another hard one for me. I struggle so much with saying no to people, I hate it. But I understand now that sometimes you just have to grit your teeth and do it. Know your priorities, schedule time for them and the rest is optional. You don’t have to go out with your friends every time they ask, they will still be your friends. You don’t have to go to every event you are invited to, you will still be invited to other events. Once you realize that nothing horrible will happen if you say no, you can take a deep breath and do it. And once you start doing it, it will get easier. You simply cannot do everything and the sooner you learn that the better. Trust me, I would know.

4. DON’T WASTE TIME. It’s okay to spend a few minutes on Pinterest, or watch an episode of House of Cards here and there but you are the number one person responsible for how you spend your time, so do not waste it! You know that working out will serve you more than another hour on Netflix, you know that getting your work done ahead of time is more beneficial than Twitter…a little discipline goes a long way when it comes to how you spend your time.

I’m going to make an effort to spend my time wisely and I hope this helps you all to do the same. As always, any questions or comments are welcome!

Happy scheduling!


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