What to do when you’re tired/unmotivated/burnt out

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With the first round of exams either creeping up or already upon us, you may be feeling a little uninspired right now. With so much work to do, it is easy to become slightly depressed and the urge to give up can be overwhelming.
But there’s a reason that you’re in the school that you are, studying whatever you’re studying and hopefully, that reason is that ultimately this will serve your career. Keeping that in mind, here’s a list of things to do when you’re feeling down about all there is to do:

1. Take a step back. When I feel overwhelmed my instinct is to want to just stop. I feel as though no matter how much work I do I won’t finish so I want to give up. When that feeling of helplessness threatens to overwhelm me, I step back. I separate myself physically by leaving my desk and take a seat on the ground or bed. Then I take a few deep breaths and tell myself I’m okay. I might sit there for a few minutes and try to think about good, happy things, or just not think at all. Then I might get some tea, eat a piece of dark chocolate or listen to a relaxing song.

2. Make a list. Lists fix everything, right? Yes, yes they do. After I feel slightly better, I sit down and make a list of all the things I need to get done in order of importance. Then I determine the ones that need to get done today.

3. Get inspired. When it gets so challenging it can be difficult to remember why you signed up to do this in the first place, that’s when I watch these videos to get inspired. Neither of them are long so they don’t take up too much time.

This one


This one

 4. Pin it. Pinterest is a great resource for inspiration and motivation, these are a few of my fave pics from there. (Note, if you know that if you go on Pinterest you may be on there for way longer than you need to, this tip may not be for you).



Omg, my trainer at the Gym said this this morning! Sorry Jake but I want to punch you when you say this!! Lol

Go for it.

practicedby melissa

How do you stay inspired?

Best of luck! You can do this.



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