5 ways to improve your school/work week

So it’s October…yay for pumpkin everything! It also means that we’re almost half way through the semester which is exciting/terrifying. As I posted about earlier I really wanted to not stress the semester, to be calm and content. Every semester before this has been a whirlwind of stress and unhappiness throughout which I counted down the days until the weekends, and ultimately, the blissful, incredible, beautiful moment when the semester would end. I realized this summer that the school year is part of my life too, and so I shouldn’t wish it away, I should enjoy it.

So far I have been much more relaxed and content than any previous semester and I am really excited about this. However, I feel that a lot of times it’s easy to get caught up in the race for the weekend, to not even attempt to enjoy the weekdays but dread them and want them to be over. But they’re all part of life! And just because we have to work/go to class, that doesn’t mean they have to be dreary and monotonous.

Here are some things I’ve started to incorporate in my life so that I enjoy my weekdays and my weekends:

Morning routine: Every successful and happy person that has ever lived started their day right consistently. This means a good breakfast and time to get ready for the day mentally and physically without rush rush rushing. My mornings are sacred. I get up a good hour and half before I have to leave for class so that I can have a complete, sit-down breakfast, pray/meditate, get presentable, check up on social media and pack my lunch. Something I’ve been incorporating into this routine is listening to classical music during breakfast. As soon as I get to the kitchen I turn on the Classical station on Pandora and get going. It has been such a luxury and it makes sleepy mornings so much more enjoyable.

Weekly breakfast/lunch/dinner date: We all tend to schedule the majority of our social outings for the weekend, this is obviously because we have more time then. But having a weekly dinner/lunch/breakfast date to look forward to breaks up the week and gives you something fun to do that isn’t on Friday, Saturday or Sunday. My roommates and I aim to have one dinner a week out together and we always have a great time, even if you can’t make it every week try to make it happen!

Dress the way you want to feel: I’ve talked about the perks of looking presentable on a daily basis before so I won’t go too much into this, but if you save all your favorite clothes for the weekends, you’ll get to wear them so much less frequently! Not only that, but if you dress up you  will feel more confident and cheerful throughout the day. As Lilly Pulitzer says:

“Life is a party, dress like it.”

Set goals for each week: Sundays are my days to prepare for the week, I make my meal plan, schedule my days and set a couple goals. They’re never grand-scheme plans like ‘run a marathon’ or ‘lose 20 pounds;’ Instead they are little goals that help me with my bigger ones. This might be, work X amount of hours on my blog, or read X many chapters from whatever book I’m reading. Doing this gives you something to work toward that isn’t school or your job, you’re doing it simply because you want to/know that it is good for you.

SLEEP: Last but certainly not least, aim to get enough sleep every night, not just on the weekends. It can be tempting to cram a ton of work Monday-Friday and muddle through the days in a hazy blur of exhaustion. This not only is extremely unhealthy, it also decreases productivity and level of happiness. Don’t leave sleep for the weekends, make it a point to be alert and fresh every day, I promise this makes a huge difference!

I hope these tips are helpful! I know they’ve helped me a lot to enjoy my weekdays and not just rush through them.

What are some fun things you do during the week?

Happy Wednesday!


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