100 ways to be a First Class Act

What does it mean to be a First Class Act? This is tricky because it is not something that should be the same for everyone. Instead, part of being a First Class Act is having authenticity in your pursuit of excellence. To help out with finding meaning in the definition of First Class Act, I’m starting a new weekly segment that includes a 100 ways to become a First Class Act all of which you can begin to incorporate in your life in your own beautiful and unique way. Some of the ways are fun and a little trivial and others are more fundamental. You can follow along every week and let me know what works for you, tweet me at @mkmixon with the hash tag #firstclassact. I’m SO excited to hear from you! Here are the first 5:


1) Look Presentable Always: So I’ve already brought this up multiple times before but I’m bringing it up again on this list (as number one no less!) because it is THAT important. Wear your best every day, not just on special occasions. How you dress reflects part of who you are and can set the tone for your day. I started following this rule about a year ago and it has made such a difference! I feel more confident, productive and energetic when I’m wearing a chic outfit instead yoga pants (unless I’m actually in a yoga class, but ya know).

2) Manicure is a must: I try to coat my nails every week, even if it’s just a nude or clear color I still do it! It makes me feel more put together and prepared for the week. Plus whether you do it yourself or go somewhere, getting your nails done is always fun and a good way to take a break.

Love this festive polish by Color Club!

Love this festive polish by Color Club!

3) Have a vision: Part of being a First Class Act is pursuing excellence. This pursuit is unique for each person, so in order to achieve it you should have a clear vision of what ‘excellence’ means to you. Does it mean making all A’s? Does it mean improving physical fitness? Maybe you define it in terms of how you treat others or maybe in a personal accomplishment. The key is finding out what is important to you first and having a clear picture in your mind to work toward, a good vision board always helps!

4) Make a plan, Stan: There are so many things we feel we don’t have time for. Exercise, eating healthy, writing, reading…a lot of times we aren’t able to do things we should simply because we expect a time slot to magically open up for them. But guess what, this won’t happen. You have to schedule it! You may feel silly setting a time for running or reading but sometimes it’s the only way to ensure we’ll have the time to do it. Get yourself a cute planner and get started! For more tips check out this post.

5) Stand tall: When I started getting my picture taken more often one of the first things I noticed was my posture: I was surprised with how slouchy I look. You never catch Kate Middleton or Beyonce hunched over…Since this realization I’ve been making an active effort to stand up straight and have been surprised with how different it feels (in addition to how it looks). I feel so much stronger, more energetic and  it looks so much better!

Which of these work for you?

Remember to tweet me at @mkmixon with the hash tag #firstclassact.

Good luck!


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