Wednesday Five: Ways to be a First Class Act

Happy Wednesday! I hope everyone is having a relaxing holiday, yesterday I came home for Thanksgiving break and it’s been wonderful. Today I’m going to continue the 100 ways to be a First Class Act with the next five. Remember to tweet me at @mkmixon with the hash tag #FirstClassAct to let me know which ones you are choosing to incorporate!

6) Sleep your way to the top: I cannot emphasize enough how important sleep is. There is nothing remotely glamorous about not getting enough sleep. When I am tired I am much less productive, I’m grumpy, inattentive and tend to make poor eating decisions. And I know I’m not the only one! Make sleep a priority in your life, I promise you won’t regret it. As Arianna Huffington says:

 “I studied, I met with medical doctors, scientists, and I’m here to tell you that the way to a more productive, more inspired, more joyful life is: getting enough sleep.”


These two sure do know how to sleep their way to the top.

7) Set yourself up for success: How you start the day largely determines how the following 12 hours are going to play out. Everyone has different routines that work best for them but here are some basic guidelines:

– Give yourself time: don’t rush rush rush, get up in time that you can eat breakfast, get dressed and meditate/read/pray or do something to start your day inspired.

– Eat breakfast: Even if you don’t wake up hungry, eating breakfast is super important to start up your day right, read about it here.

– Plan your day: You can also do this the night before, make sure to have at least a general idea of how you want your day to go and what you want to accomplish.

For some examples of how highly successful people start off your day you can check here.

8) Upgrade your posse: I love my friends, I’ve been lucky enough to find people who motivate and inspire me and so should you. Not every single one of them needs to be that way but at least a few. Don’t be afraid to spend less time with those who drain you or to branch out and meet different people. They say you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with…what does that mean for you?




9) Be neatsmart! An organized life is an organized mind. Even if it’s not always perfect, try to have some organization in your house, your car and documents. For some tips check out this blog.

10) Set boundaries: This is something I’ve been working on in the past month or so and I can’t believe what a difference it’s made. Learning to say no and putting myself first has been such an important lesson. It can be easy to feel ill-used and taken for granted when we always go along with whatever someone wants from us because we don’t want to start an argument or be ‘difficult’ but it also leads to resentment and consumes an incredible amount of our energy. Think about what’s best for you and what you really want instead of saying yes automatically. Your friends and family will still love you and you will be able to love them more easily when you are able to love and take care of yourself.


I can’t wait to hear what works for you, good luck! 



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