Letting go of your ‘ghosts’


I love New Year’s. I’m so thankful we live in a world that celebrates new beginnings and fresh starts. But a lot of people are skeptical about New Year’s resolutions, which is understandable as we all love the idea of all are dreams coming true beginning in January but few of us have the grit to actually pursue them after the hype dies down.

Recently I’ve been listening to Ella Henderson’s song, ghosts, a lot and it occurred to me how applicable it is to the challenges we face once the time comes to put our New Year’s resolutions into action.

It’s so fun and exciting to set goals for the new year, but actually doing the work to accomplish them isn’t. The work becomes even more daunting when you start to remember all of the reasons you haven’t been able to do this before. In other words, all your ‘ghosts’ come back to haunt you. Some examples of these are:

  • Previous failure in accomplishing a similar or the same goal.
  • The discomfort that exists outside our comfort zone
  • Insecurity: all the reasons we’re not good enough, strong enough etc.

There will always be a million inviting and perfectly reasonable reasons not to do what you set out to do, that is why so many people don’t do it…it’s hard. In my opinion the only way to get past this is to acknowledge all the reasons you can’t/don’t want to/shouldn’t pursue your goal and then let them go.

Yes it’s unreasonably early, yes it’s freezing outside, yes I’m tired, yes this bed is warm and comfy…and yes I’m going to the gym anyway.

The moment you start to weigh pro’s and con’s, the moment you start to think about whether you really want to do this, that is the moment your willpower leaves you. Don’t let these doubts fester in your mind, don’t give them power.

Rule your mind or it will rule you. –Buddha

Here’s to a successful 2015.

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