5 Things to Learn from Real Life Princesses

I’m pretty sure I’ve already talked about my girl crush on Kate Middleton multiple times on the blog before…I mean look at her, she’s precious.

And so classy!

#goals. My plan is to marry prince Harry and be her best friend/beloved American princess of England…so much to look forward to!

This weekend my family and I watched a movie called ‘Grace of Monaco’ on Netflix. It’s a drama about Grace Kelly and her role as Princess of Monaco starring Nicole Kidman, who plays the role fabulously. I highly recommend it if you haven’t seen it already, so captivating and very well done! (PS: costumes are to die for).

Watching the movie made me think of our fascination with the royal families and how all little girls, (and some twenty year-olds), dream of being a princess. Obviously it isn’t the fairy tale we all imagine when we’re young or we see in Cinderella, there are many sacrifices and hardships that come with that role. However, I do think there are a few things we can learn from the princesses which we can apply to our own lives.

  1. Shoulders back: I’ve spent 3/4 of the past 15 years of my life wearing a book bag. Now that those days are over I’m beginning to realize just how much I slouch and just how un-cute it looks. Princess Kate, Just like Princess Grace, has beautiful posture that suits her lovely clothes and Princess-y demeanor. Sitting up makes such a difference both to how others perceive you and your own attitude! It feels a lot easier to be productive and alert when you aren’t hunched over. Plus it’s supposed to be better for your ab muscles! (If you’re into that kind of thing).
  2. Less is NOT more: If you take a few minutes to Google Kate Middleton, or any princess, you will see so many beautiful dresses and outfits…one of the perks of being royalty I guess. We can’t all have stylists, but I think the main thing to take away from how they dress is not the cost or extravagance of the clothes but rather the type and fit. I want to point out that they all wear clothes that fit beautifully and are flattering without being too revealing. It is so much more captivating when we are able to wear clothes that make us feel and look good without being crude or vulgar.
  3. Less IS more: Like any person in the spotlight, princesses generally have to be careful about what they say. Though the stakes may not be as high in our own lives, I think it is a good idea to be conscious of what we say. Words have power and a lot of times we can speak without thinking and reveal a little more than necessary. (TMI is a real thing guys). Not everyone we talk to has to know everything about our lives, especially the more meaningful things should be saved for people we are close to and can trust, that is what makes them meaningful! Lately I’ve been working on being friendly and warm without a non-stop steam of conversation that sometimes happens when I try to make others feel comfortable. (Tips on how to do that are welcome!)
  4. Appearances can be deceiving: There were many times throughout the movie that Grace Kelly had to put on a smile when she least wanted to, however newspaper readers and television watchers were oblivious to her unease and commented on the privilege of being a princess. Similarly, with all the social media it can be easy to get caught up in the highlights of other peoples’ lives: we see engagements, weddings, vacations, family reunions, friends having a great time…what we don’t see is any negative or unhappy moment. This can cause us to wonder what the problem is in our lives that isn’t as fun/exciting/glamorous as your other 800 friends on Facebook. It’s always important to remember that we don’t want to publicize the struggles we face or the problems we have, but we all have them. Therefore we shouldn’t compare our lives to the highlights of everyone else’s.
  5. Sacrifice is necessary: One of the main takeaways from the movie ‘Grace of Monaco,’ is that being a Princess isn’t always easy or fun or glamorous. In fact, it comes with a lot of sacrifice. This is how most things worth achieving are, if you want to run a marathon you have to sacrifice time and energy to train; if you want to get a promotion you have to put in more time and work harder than those around you; if you want to buy a new car you have to give up the daily Starbuck’s to save up. All good things come at a price. That doesn’t mean they aren’t good, it just means they are worth it. Part of the beauty of achievement is what you had to give up to make it, would running 26.4 miles be nearly as exciting if their wasn’t any preparation necessary?

Definitely watch ‘Grace of Monaco’ if you have the opportunity, and remember when in doubt, be a princess.



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