Summer 2016 Bucket List

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For a few years now when summer break rolled around, I would make a bucket list for the next few months. These bucket lists helped me to stay on track with things I want to accomplish even during the extended break.

Now as a full-time employee, the long summer days of sunbathing, reading, netflix-watching and hopping from coffee shop to coffee shop are sadly over.

However, even though the almost-3-month vacation is a thing of the past, I don’t think that setting goals for the summer months should be too.

By this time, New Year’s Resolutions are often long forgotten and it can be easy to become complacent in all those areas of our lives that we said we would work on.

That’s why this year I decided to continue the now-tradition of a summer bucket list even in absence of an extended vacation in hopes to work on some goals I may have forgotten about or didn’t think of in January.

To help me stay accountable I’m putting my bucket list here and hope to keep you updated as summer continues (I know it’s only May, but it’s already getting into the 90’s in Charleston). Regardless of whether or not you have a break, I hope you also will consider setting some goals for this time of year and maybe let me know how they are going for you!

  1. Visit Asheville, NC. Pretty. Mountains. Good food. Enough said.
  2. Eat one meal with veggies a day. I’m terrible about eating enough greens and vegetables, but I’ve been around enough healthy people to see the importance of doing so.
  3. Exercise 4x a week. Just hoping this isn’t as hard as it sounds.
  4. Visit Greenville, NC. Family and friends to see!
  5. Visit Atlanta, GA. Same/shopping!
  6. Visit Aiken, SC. Ditto
  7. Blog once a week (yikes!/you’re welcome)
  8. Read one book a month. Getting through books has started to take me months. If I could read more than 3 a year that would be great. K thanks.
  9. Photo shoot. Not that I’ve changed a whole lot since my pictures were last taken (still 5’1), but my haircut has changed enough that I feel I should update them.
  10. Perform a piece on the violin. It’s been almost a year since I picked up a piece on my own, after five million hours of practicing (more or less) since I was 7 I really don’t want to lose this skill.
  11. Spend a lot of time outside. Summers in Charleston can be pretty brutal. But we also have multiple beaches within a 20 minute drive. The beach is definitely my happy place and I think I don’t take advantage of it’s proximity as much as I should. We need to make time for things that bring us joy! I know ‘a lot’ is vague…I think 1-2 times a week is a doable goal. *fingers crossed*
  12. Practice positive thinking. Often I can stress myself out unnecessarily simply by looking for and focusing on the negatives. While I realize that being realistic is important, I also have come to believe that we largely determine our reality through our thoughts and the actions that reflect them. Emotional well-being is a topic I’m super passionate about and I think focusing on the good is a tremendous part of that.

Even if we don’t always reach all our goals, I think it’s worth continuing to set them; if only to serve as a reminder of what is important to us and what we want to work on. I hope you’ll consider making a list like this for the summer and share what your #goals are!

Here’s to a (really hot) productive and fulfilling summer.





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