Monday 5: One-pieces are back in & other things I’m excited about


Monday’s can be rough. Prime example, this morning I got up an hour after I had originally intended to & proceeded to lie on the couch with my sister instead of beginning to get ready- then I couldn’t decide what to wear (it was one of those ‘I hate everything in my closet’ mornings) – was 20 minutes late leaving the house and half an hour late to work.

Lots of roughness.

Despite this, I think Monday’s should be celebrated- not just cast aside as something to get over with as quickly as possible. The first day of the week invites a fresh start and allows us to create excitement about the week to come.

Someone I’m close to regularly makes a list of ‘things I’m excited about,’ & as someone who tends to focus on ‘things I’m dreading/anxious about,’ this concept surprised me as a refreshingly good idea.

Today I’m beginning a weekly post called the Monday 5 (very clever, I know) of 5 things that I’m excited about for this week. I’m hoping this will help me to feel a little less lying-despondent-on-the-couch about Monday’s and more optimistic & you know, excited. Hopefully these 5 will maybe also excite you, or if not, encourage you to find your own 5 and thereby starting the week off more enthusiastically

1.One-piece bathing suits are back in!

In case you hadn’t noticed, one-piece bathing suits are pretty much everywhere this summer. Not just the sporty Speedo’s used for swim practice, but actually cute, ‘I’d wear that’ suits. I bought this one from J-crew (pic above) and had the opportunity to wear it this weekend at the beach. It was nice to not feel so…exposed. While I definitely don’t think we should ‘cover up’ because of insecurity- I do think that being slightly more reserved in how we dress can be a sign of self-respect & confidence- knowing that we have more to offer than just our bodies and that we are reserving ourselves for like, not everyone.

2. Performing violin again.

Since graduating from college, setting aside time to practice violin and finding opportunities to perform has become a lot more challenging. It was easier in college & high school to find groups of your level to perform with and venues to play in (i.e. school/university auditorium/performance hall). For a few months I hardly touched my violin and just more recently began playing it again. As I have a recital coming up, the motivation to practice more came easily and I remembered how good it feels to focus intently on something that is challenging & master a new piece. I think it’s important for all of us to have ‘our thing’ whether it’s related to music, sports, art or something else. An activity that challenges us and brings us satisfaction (if some frustration too) outside our work and relationships.

3. New month!

This week July begins (WHAT!) and although I can’t believe how quickly time is passing, I also get excited about the possibilities that come with a new month. The first week of every month, I set new goals to work toward (sometimes I have to re-try some of the previous month’s) & just things I want to do- maybe trips I want to take or things I’d like to buy or events I’m interested in going to. I think taking some time to do a little reflection on what we want to accomplish more long-term and customizing our time over the month to reflect that is a helpful & encouraging thing to do.

4. Continuing ‘mindfulness training.’

As I continue to read and work on the exercises in ‘Mindfulness: an 8 Week Plan for Finding Peace in a Frantic World‘ it’s exciting to see (if only a little bit) of progress I’m making. It’s definitely been challenging (like, super hard) but I think it’s one that is well-worth the time and effort. Learning to be more present & in tune to what is actually going on has allowed me to see where my thoughts (fears, concerns etc) lead me astray and steal the peace and joy that come naturally when we live life how it is now (instead of how we think it should be or will be at some indefinite point in the future). It’s been a combo of surrendering my need for control + stepping outside my head into what is actually happening. #realitycheck.

5. Barnes & Noble will start serving wine & beer!

One of my favorite places in the world has always been Barnes & Noble. We grew up going there and hanging out with a book while mom chatted with one of her girlfriends. Now I do the same with my girlfriends or go just to read, write and enjoy a cup of coffee! This weekend Barnes & Noble announced that they will begin to serve wine and beer as well. This makes me happy as a) it shows that the increasingly paperless world will not stop Barnes & Noble from sticking around and b) I can enjoy a glass of wine there in the evenings with a friend instead of being limited to whatever the decaf options are (caffeine after 4pm is a no-go).

These are just a few things that I’m excited about this week. Although this morning was a little on the rough side, just writing these things helped me feel a lot more okay about it being Monday! What are somethings you’re excited about?

Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm. RALPH WALDO EMERSON



2 thoughts on “Monday 5: One-pieces are back in & other things I’m excited about

  1. LOVE THIS!!! I’m so happy to hear you sound enthusiastic. It suits you. Love, Mom!

    To your conversation imagination!


    *Laura M. Camacho, PhDCEO + Communication Strategist* * *

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    On Mon, Jun 27, 2016 at 12:56 PM, First Class Act wrote:

    > Miranda Kate posted: ” Monday’s can be rough. Prime example, this morning > I got up an hour after I had originally intended to & proceeded to lie on > the couch with my sister instead of beginning to get ready- then I couldn’t > decide what to wear (it was one of those ‘I hate” >

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