Monday 5: Boundaries & other things I’m excited about


Woohoo it’s Monday!
I’m sure this is exactly what crossed your mind this morning when your alarm rudely interrupted your sleep.
It’s true that Monday’s are not fun; but I think a good attitude can change the most dire of situations…even a serious case of the Monday’s.

Monday’s are a #cleanslate. We start a new day, a new week with new opportunities to grow, change and accomplish our goals. It’s exciting!
I know that excitement can feel a little out of reach this morning…to help out I make a list of 5 things I genuinely feel enthusiastic about. Even though you and I may not be excited about the same things (although if you are, you’re like, really cool) this list may help bring to mind a few things you’re excited about!

  1. Boundaries.

    I love to give. Give my time, give my advice (whether others want it or not), give my energy and encouragement…however, recently I’ve been learning the importance of knowing my own limits: both physical and emotional. An important part of self-care is being aware of and respecting your own limits and working with them; not against or around them. Whether that means saying no to a friend when they want to get coffee so you can have some ‘me’ time, or refusing to let yourself get pulled into someone else’s pity party, or declining to eat cake even though your sweet grandmother is insisting on it…whatever the case may be, it is important to have some boundaries around yourself. You (and no one else) are responsible for taking care of you; and part of that is guarding yourself (your time, your energy, your emotions) from the demands of others. This book is helping me learn to do just that.

  2. These Jacks.

    This was another sweet buy during my shopping trip in Atlanta last weekend. This wonderful re-sale shop called Labels has 3 shops in the same block- one of which is just for shoes. I found these Jack Rodgers there and have absolutely loved them. Cute, comfy and completely versatile, these are definitely a new favorite.

  3. Chocolate banana bread

    My friend introduced me to this recipe for chocolate banana bread this weekend and I can’t wait to try it out. It was super delicious and only a little unhealthy. #yesplease.

  4. sky-gazing.

    We’ve all heard of star-gazing; and if you’re like me, it makes you think of a romantic scene like in Nicholas Spark’s ‘A Walk to Remember’ with a dreamy guy and hot chocolate to accompany the activity. However, a friend of mine introduced the idea (via Instagram) of ‘sky-gazing.’ As the term implies, this consists of  just laying on your back and looking up at the sky. This weekend I tried this at Mepkin Abbey (a monastery about an hour outside Charleston) and immediately was amazed at the therapeutic value of this. There is something miraculously healing about this; of remembering how small we really are and how temporary our problems, our feelings and our fears are. The truth is you are just one person, responsible for your life and no one else’s. Not your friend’s, not your parents’, not your boyfriend’s…just you. All you can do is your best (knowing sometimes we will fail even at this) and accept the high’s and low’s that make life the rich adventure that it is.

  5. Johnny Stecchino.

    One of my favorite parts about college was taking Italian for 4 semesters. I love learning about different cultures, and Italy certainly has a satisfyingly rich one to accompany it’s beautiful language. As part of the classes, the Italian department at Clemson (go Tigers) would put on Italian movies throughout the semester for us to watch and discuss. One of these was Johnny Stecchino. One of my absolute favorites, there are few things that have made me laugh as hard as this Robert Benigni film. Last night, after several months of pleading, my family watched it with me; definitely worth a watch if you haven’t already (just make sure you get a version with subtitles).

Hope these things help brighten up your Monday, or at least make you think of things that do. Here’s to a fresh start!



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