Monday 5: Ribbons & other things I’m excited about this week.


Happy Monday everyone! I will say, this Monday is a happy one as I’m on vacation in North Carolina. So if you’re not on vacation, I know you’re probably not as excited about the start of the week as I am…but the Monday 5 is here to the rescue!

You may not be excited about the same things but I hope reading these (and contemplating the weird things  I get excited about) will encourage you to make your own list.

Without further ado (because I know you’re dying to know)…

  1. Ribbons! 

    I often get outfit #inspiration from The College Prepster and this is no exception. A few weeks ago she posted a pic on her Instagram page of a ponytail with a ribbon and ever since, that has sat in the back of my mind as an adorable detail I’d like to try as well. This Friday I did (pic above) and although I haven’t quite mastered the perfect bow, I’m excited to keep trying.

  2. Slate-r girl nail polish

    Another person I often get inspiration from is Carrie Peeples, owner of Neatsmart (because neat really is smart). A few weeks ago when I visited her and her husband in Atlanta, she had her nails done a shade of gray that I immediately wanted to try. I found this color by Sally Hansen at Target and loved it! Gray is so chic and very in right now.

  3. Castaway’ by Zac Brown Band

    This song makes me so happy. I don’t know the Zac Brown Band peeps personally but I ever do, I have a feeling we will be good friends. This song (like most of their songs) has that laid back and fun vibe that makes me think I’m on the beach holding a Margarita while stuck in traffic.

  4. New Month!

    I cannot believe it’s August. Where does time go? This summer is absolutely flying by and it’s hard to believe we’re already at the start of another month! I love that new months bring the opportunities to set new goals and work on things we either weren’t able to or hadn’t thought of before. What are your goals for August?

  5. Quiet time.

    Being back in my hometown (which is very small and in the middle of nowhere) has given me the opportunity to take more time to read, contemplate and just sit. In today’s world I think this can be hard to come by, yet so necessary. We need time away from people and outside of our relentless to-do lists, regardless of your personality type. There is something restoring about taking time to just sit and be, not worrying about what you should be doing or what comes next.

Hope your Monday hasn’t been too bad…even if you’re not on vacation 😉



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