Monday 5: Little Washington Edition

As you all know, (or y’all if you live in the South) for the past few weeks I’ve been posting five things I’m excited about on Monday’s. I started this in hopes to create a little more enthusiasm about Monday’s and what a new week brings, if only by encouraging you to make your own Monday 5.

This week I decided to variate just a little from the typical Monday 5 (but not too much because change is scary) by doing a special edition on a small town I visited just last week.

This can act as a guide if you ever decide to go of some of the highlights of the town, too!

So here we go:

Little Washington is a small (like, supersmall) town in Eastern North Carolina. If you’ve ever heard of Eastern Carolina University (ECU), it’s about 35 minutes away from there.

Definitely what gives Little Washington its charm (other than your typical Southern hospitality and friendly locals) is the fact that it’s on the water. Who doesn’t love a waterfront view??

The downtown area is quaint and has some super cute shops and yummy restaurants. I recommend stopping by if you ever venture that way. And if you happen to try any of my recommendations, let me know your thoughts! (unless you don’t like it…then just, shhhhh)

  1. Brownie BakeryIMG_3698

    My mom discovered this place when I was about 6 or 7 and we’ve been going back ever since (#thanksmom). Owned by a second or third generation Sicilian, this adorable bakery has the best doughnuts you’ll ever try. I’m not exaggerating, I’ve had a lot of doughnuts and these are the best. This place isn’t in the main downtown area but rather on the way in if you’re coming from Greenville (where ECU is). This is my number one place and I make it a point to go there every time I’m in the area if it’s the only thing I do.

  2. The River Girl Antiques & Interior Design:IMG_3639

    This was a shop I wandered into and fell in love with. It has a lovely combination of antique and contemporary pieces. I especially loved the teal and white plate set (pictured).IMG_3637IMG_3636

  3. Cottage Junkies:IMG_3649

    This was another adorable boutique that I am so glad I decided to explore. The store was arranged in such a cute and intentional way, which I really appreciated (#detailsmatter). It is very small but there are so many fun things to look at you’ll probably be in there a while.IMG_3647IMG_3644


    4. Rachel’s Bakery:

    So I definitely have a thing for bakeries…probably because I have a thing for baked goods. Right in the middle of downtown, this bakery has really, really good coffee. They also had this dessert called a ‘Nutella Tart’ (like a Poptart but with Nutella) which I did not try but fully intend on doing so next time I go back. They have other baked goods including homemade granola bars and a variety of soups, salads and sandwiches if you’re looking for something more filling.

    5. The waterfront walkway:

    IMG_3654Like I said, what really gives this town it’s cuteness factor is the fact that it is on the water. After you eat all the baked goods and go into all the shops, make sure to walk on the walkway by the water. It begins on the marsh and then goes into where the shops are so you get a variety of backgrounds. It’s a relaxing and entertaining walk with swings spread out intermediately throughout the path if you decide to take a break.


I love Little Washington. It really makes a great day trip and gives you a break from the rush of our busy lives. You step into a more serene, quiet, peaceful place for a few hours and get to appreciate the beauty of a slower pace of life.IMG_3697PS: watch out for crabs, they’re everywhere.

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