Monday 5: The Jim Gaffigan show and other things I’m excited about this week.


I hope everyone had a fun and restful weekend! Friday afternoon I left with a few others for Salem, South Carolina to take part in a retreat. I’ve been to this retreat center a handful of times now and it has become one of my favorite places. The lodges are on a vineyard, in the mountains, surrounding a lake…can you say peaceful? It was wonderful to get away for a little bit and take a ‘timeout’ from life. I think we all need to take a few days to just rest every once in a while; not just a yearly vacation with the family but a weekend every few months or so that is dedicated completely to being (as opposed to doing). I realize this is easier said than done, but look into opportunities with your church or even talk to a group of friends about planning a weekend for a mini-vacation. Rest and relaxation are key parts of life that need to be scheduled too. Having said that, here are this week’s 5 things I’m excited about!

The Jim Gaffigan Showlaziness

I’m pretty sure I’ve already written about the Gaffigan’s on my blog before, I have a hardcore crush on the whole family. I first was introduced to Jim Gaffigan’s comedy routines by my brother (I guess he’s good for something) a few years ago. Since then I’ve watched all his recorded shows at least a couple times and definitely have a few of my favorite pieces memorized (#fangirl). When I learned that he and his wife were producing and directing a show based on their life, I was super excited. Living in a two-bedroom apartment in NY, this family of 7 has no shortage of entertaining chronicles to share with the world. I love their show not just because it’s hilarious (and clean), but also because of the emphasis they put on family and other important aspects of life (the last episode before the finale called The Calling has been one of my favorites). So, if you haven’t seen of his work I definitely recommend checking out their show or one of his stand-up acts!

Wild at Heart: Discovering the Secret of a Man’s Soul

This book was recommended to me by a few different people before I broke down and started reading. Written by Jon Eldredge, he talks about the soul of men (I know, deep stuff) and how they are designed with specific desires that are crucial parts of who they are. As a woman, I think this insight is incredibly valuable to understand. We want to love the men in our lives for who they are. Not for who we think they should be or would like them to be. Understanding how they work and why they’re hardwired for things like adventure and wilderness can help us empathize with them and take a step back so they can do what they need to do and not feel confined or unfulfilled.

All this Time- One Republic

I heard this song for the first time last week and loved it. One Republic is one of the few bands which I have consistently liked for a while. This song is so sweet without being cheesy, and the music video (linked above) is adorable.

Cookbook Club!

An idea my aunt gave me (shout out to Neatsmart!) was starting a cookbook club. While at first this may sound kind of lame and antiquated, (I mean, who needs cookbooks when you have Pinterest?) I actually got really excited after thinking about it more. The idea is that you and a group of girlfriends pick a cookbook to cook from over the course of a couple of months, then you come together, each person bringing a recipe from the book and eat and chat about it! I love this because it’s not very often that us girls come together as a larger group inside someone’s home. Not only that, but this provides accountability for those of us who want to learn how to cook more. I’ve also enjoyed using an actual cookbook instead of referring to my laptop or phone; something about having a concrete object to refer to instead of a screen feels more…legit. If cooking (or learning to cook) is something you’re passionate about, I think this is an awesome way to do so and to build relationships with the girls in your community…kind of like a gang, but more dangerous.

This Shrimp Salad Recipe

Speaking of food…one of the cookbooks I was considering for the cookbook club – The Food Network’s How to Boil Water – has a recipe for a shrimp salad. I love shrimp; and having made the same shrimp risotto a few too many times, I was excited to come across another recipe with my favorite food. I tried it last week and was very pleased with the results. It was delicious and nutritious and not difficult (this is key). It also has mango, another one of my faves.

I hope you have an awesome Monday and rest of your week – and don’t forget to have your own Monday 5 if you’re having trouble summoning enthusiasm for the week!




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