Monday 5: September and other things I’m excited for this week.

Happy Monday! I’ll admit this morning was a little rough, waking up was not easy! I’ve decided I need approximately nine hours of sleep…which is a lot. For a long time I tried to be one of those people who ran on 7ish hours a night. This was a poor life decision and did not end well for me or those who knew me then… #oops. Anyway, knowing how much sleep you actually need and allowing yourself that is a crucial part of self-care and definitely something I am a strong advocate for!

Sleepiness aside, there are certainly things to be excited for this week! Here are my Monday 5 – hopefully if none of these things get you excited you’ll at least be motivated to think of your own five.

‘Ask Him’ segment: 

Last week I launched my new segment here on FCA called ‘Ask Him.‘ This is something I’m really excited about. One of the reasons I started this site in the first place was because I was concerned that women were settling in relationships. I saw beautiful, smart, funny young women in relationships that were less than satisfactory and that is not okay! It’s hard to put a finger on exactly why this happens but I think part of it is that as a gender, we’re largely concerned that there isn’t anything better out there. Gentlemen with good intentions and the willingness to pursue seem harder and harder to come by. But the fact of the matter is that I know a lot of men who are this way; good guys with good hearts and good qualities. It came to mind that it might be helpful for other girls out there to know this. Which is why I’ve decided to interview the good guys I know and put their thoughts on women and relationships for the world to see. My first interviewee’s name is Nick and if you haven’t read his responses already you really should- they go above and beyond anything I could have hoped for!

I’ll Be Your Man- Zac Brown Band

I know I put a Zac Brown Band song on the Monday 5 a few weeks ago so I apologize if this seems repetitive! But this song is too good to overlook. Written for their daughters, the men of ZBB wrote this beautiful tune about fatherly love and how they vow to stand by them and be ‘your man’ until they move on to the next stage of their lives. I truly believe in the power of good dads- as the first men in our lives, they teach us how to be loved; something that as women who are receptive in nature desperately want. I love that this song expresses the strength of men’s love and the importance of their role in our lives.

Goodwill Hunting

This movie has been recommended to me so many times that I finally decided to sit down (ok lie down) and watch it. I was not disappointed. A touching film that comments on some really important themes, I understand now why so many people insisted I should see it. I especially appreciated how ‘Goodwill Hunting’ emphasized the importance of direction in our lives, mentors/good parents and giving meaning to the right things in life (ex: love over career). I thought the movie did a good job of expressing these things in a way that was authentic and heartwarming without being remotely cheesy- a difficult feat I’m sure. If you haven’t seen Goodwill Hunting, or if it’s been a while since you have, I strongly recommend watching it (or watching it again). It’s one of the few movies that will make you think and encourage you to embrace life with all its good and bad.

Coffee Philosophy Blog

One of my friends also started a blog (linked above) recently. As an avid writer, I also really enjoy reading; especially reading that is inspiring. Joseph is a great writer and his blogs talk about topics that are really relevant today. He also does a good job of breaking down tough subjects with all their intricacies in a way that is easy to grasp…for us non-philosophy majors. If you like reading  and don’t mind getting a little deep, I would definitely give his blog a try.

New month!!!

I know I say this every month, but I seriously can’t believe August is over…holy cow. I am very excited though for September- especially since it’s beginning to get a tiny bit cooler (I’m wearing jeans today and not dying). This month has been very much a transitional one and I’m hoping that within the next few weeks I’ll get more settled into a routine. I also need to set new goals for the Fall – I’ll keep you updated on what these are once I’ve gotten a better idea of what my schedule will look like.

Here’s to a new week, a new month and (soon) a new season!!!

Gotta love fresh starts right?



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