Monday 5: Hammocks & other things I’m excited about this week


Happy Monday!! I hope everyone’s week is off to a great start. This weekend I had an awesome time catching up with some girlfriends over crepes and coffee; as well as attending the Scottish Brigade Games here in Charleston – turns out log-throwing is a real thing people do…in case you were wondering.

Yesterday evening my brother and I took the dogs to the beach- something that has become one of my favorite things. Have you ever seen a dog chasing a ball on the beach? It’s probably one of the most joyful experiences to witness.

As wonderful as the weekend was, this morning was predictably a little tough. To make it better, here are the 5 things I’m excited about this week.


I downloaded this app a while ago and have only recently started using it; now I wish I had started using it before. The purpose of the app is to ‘treat your head right’ by taking 10 minutes a day for guided meditations. Every other meditation is preceded by a short video about different aspects of mindfulness and what it entails. Both the meditations and videos are incredibly helpful! I highly recommend giving it a try – especially if you struggle with stress/anxiety.

Love & Respect podcast:

Recently I’ve been getting more and more into podcasts; they are such a great way to learn while doing other things! You can just listen to a twenty segment in the car, while doing your nails or getting some work done around the house. This particular podcast I’ve really grown to enjoy. Hosted by a father (pastor) and son (psychologist) duo, they present a really cool perspective on relationships- combining a biblical/Christian perspective with psychology. Regardless of whether you’re dating, single or married, this has great outlooks and advice on navigating the world of relationships.

Bubble Bath- OPI

If you’ve read more than a couple of these Monday 5 posts, you’ve probably noticed my search for great nail polishes. This weekend I tried and fell in love with OPI’s Bubble Bath. It’s a perfect color for literally any occasion and goes on really smoothly! You can wear it for a special event or for an average week. It’s so pretty and chic!


This is kind of an odd one – but I really am excited about it. When my family visited Venezuela this summer, they brought back a beautiful hammock- and then proceeded to not use it at all. A few weeks ago I decided to take matters into my own hands…and ask my brother to hang it in the backyard because I don’t know how.
Despite my shortcomings when it came to how to put it up, I definitely appreciate the thing itself. I’ve never been one for ‘just chilling,’ as typically lying down during the day makes me more antsy than anything else. However, I’ve found that hammocks are one place I can lie in contently and read or just do nothing- and I’m really excited about it.

Fall routine

This summer has held a lot of transitions for me- and a lot of them were not so fun. Now as Fall approaches (#canteven), things are settling down some into a more stable routine which I really appreciate. While change can be invigorating and certainly promotes growth, a little time without any major life changes is definitely something I’m looking forward to.

So, what’s on your list?







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