Monday 5: Curling wands & other things I’m excited about this week



I love to walk and I love to be outside (luckily those often go together). A few days a week I nanny a precious 5-month-old (I’m training her to be my FCA protege ;)) and turns out she loves to go on walks too! It’s a little different because she goes in the stroller, but it works out well for both of us. On the days we’re together, we typically have walked for about 45 minutes to an hour and I think we’re both really enjoying it (I know I am, she falls asleep a lot so it’s hard to tell). In any case it’s been great to incorporate walking (& being outside) more into my weekly routine.


Getting my Master’s.

A few weeks ago I started a Master’s program in psychology at the Institute of Psychological Sciences. I’m really enjoying learning more about psychology and all the practical applications it has. It’s also exciting to have a new project to work on that challenges me and helps me grow! I think it’s important to have goals we work toward both for the sake of bettering ourselves and for the joy they bring us. This helps us to stay focused on important and good things, as opposed to getting distracted by the trivial/disheartening matters of life.

Curling wands

One of my friends gave me a curling wand almost a year ago and I finally learned how to use it correctly. For a while I put it off, thinking it was easier to just keep on using my curling iron. Eventually I decided it might be fun to try something new. I was disappointed the first handful of times I used the wand, it seemed like much more effort than it was worth. However I decided to check with the beauty experts at Youtube before giving up completely; which turned out to be a good idea. Once you learn the correct way to do it, the curling wand is easy to use and gives great results quickly! I was able to get the look I wanted for my photo shoot with Lizzy (pic above) and loved how it turned out! Just goes to show much seeking help can…help. Who would have thought?


I’ve been a fan of NEEDTOBREATHE for a few years now; they are one of the few bands whose songs I consistently enjoy. I finally got around to listening to their newest album ‘HARDLOVE’ and am loving it! My favorite songs so far are ‘HARDLOVE’ and ‘Great Night.’

IOS update

Ahhh this is so cool!! Was basically my mindset as I went through the changes made in the latest IOS update. Love that emojis pop up as you’re typing and that they highlight words you can replace for emojis (I have a thing for emojis)!! I love that you can ‘write’ with your finger- even though it always looks like a five-year-old did it. And the new keyboard sounds! Hitting the backspace button has never been more rewarding.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Monday- remember to make your own list of things you’re excited about this week!



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