Monday 5: New Year’s edition


Monday 5 is back! While it didn’t seem to get huge response in the Fall, a few people have mentioned that they miss the segment and tbh, me too. What I like about it is that it forces me to really think about what I’m excited about and even helps me feel more grateful for those things. So, here we are.

I hope everyone had a lovely holiday, I honestly can’t believe we’re already in the second week of January! Is it wrong that I’m already excited about Spring coming…?#justwondering. This Monday five will include a few things that I’m excited about for 2017 that you may or may not want to look into as well. If none of these appeal to you, I highly recommend you make your own list of things you’re excited about for the new year!

Here is my list:

JOMO newsletter

Recently I confided to a friend of mine the ongoing battle I have with being addicted to my phone. Everywhere I go, it goes. Work, my car, the kitchen, my friend’s house, the bathroom…I can’t seem to get away from it. While I could pull the whole, ‘my phone became alive and is stalking me’ stunt, I know that the reason it’s everywhere I go is because I’m bringing it with me. So my friend recommended this website called JOMO stands for the Joy of Missing Out, pretty cool right? There you can sign up for a newsletter that sends you a daily email with a JOMOQuest, for example, go outside and look up at the sky for 1 minute; a JOMOQuote, typically something inspirational; and a JOMOKnow, a completely random fact, these are my favorites. Although I realize it’s slightly ironic to get a newsletter about how to reduce screen time via email, I’m really enjoying trying out the various tasks and learning the random facts that are super fun to bring up in conversation (plus the emails are really short). Anyway, in spite of the fact that most of my work involves screens, I do hope to reduce the time I spend on my phone in 2017 and JOMO seems like a good place to start.

Blessed is She agenda

I’m so excited about this one, it’s a little embarrassing. I have an inordinate amount of love for agendas; I love to plan things and schedule and color code and agendas are my vehicle for all of this and more… #nerdalert. Finding the perfect agenda for the new year is no easy task, but this year I think I really did it. I’m part of an online community called Blessed is She; in addition to having a newsletter, FB group and blog, they came out with their very own agenda. It’s super pretty and has space for to do lists, grocery lists, meal planning,a color key, weekly goals, call/email/follow up section, prayer intentions and notes. Of course every day has hour slots from 6-10, in addition to having a ‘today I will’ section, ‘I loved my’ (body, soul, mind) section, and ‘I’m grateful for’ section. The agenda has even more, all of which I’ve already put to use. It makes planning and being productive an absolute delight. So, as nerdy as it is, this agenda agenda is definitely something I’m excited for!


The very first day of the new year, I got sick. I get sick somewhat often (hazard of working with small children) so this wasn’t a new thing for me; however this cold was a little worse than usual and a good wake up call to the health I usually take for granted. The ability to wake up, walk, talk, eat, laugh, run, drive… while most of us can enjoy these activities on a daily basis, there are also a fair number of people who can’t. Those of us who have that privilege should be aware of the huge advantage we have. We can live our lives with minimal pain and inconvenience, just that fact is a tremendous gift; one I both hope to appreciate and make the most of in 2o17.

For Women Only

I read this toward the end of 2016 and find myself recommending it left and right. This book by Shaunti Feldhahn is written, you know, for women, to help us understand the enigma of our male counterparts. I think often we underestimate men, we think that how they behave is just them being negligent or not caring, when really there is much more to them than sports and beer. Shaunti helps us understand why they act the way they do, for example why men seem to not initiate or need romance as much, or what it really means that men are ‘visual creatures.’ She does so, not by her own insights, but rather those of thousands of men she interviewed. She went directly to the source and it was incredibly eye opening reading the results. Whether you’re dating, in a committed relationship or married, I think this is a great read to better understand the men we love and therefore love them better… which is not a bad goal for 2017 either!

It’s a Wonderful Life

I know this movie isn’t exactly new to anyone, I realize most people have seen it multiple times if not every Christmas since they were young. However I only saw this movie for the second time after Christmas and was blown away at all I had been missing. Jimmy Stewart’s acting, the charm of the time in which it took place and the perspective it gives to our own lives, it’s no wonder this movie is a classic. While it may not seem exactly relevant to the new year, I think this movie embodies a mentality we should have year round. Our lives matter, we impact people in ways we can’t even imagine and our purpose is unique and crucial. I know how easy it is to get caught up in the ‘boring’ daily tasks and little inconveniences that come up (for example last night I shattered my phone’s screen) but this is our life, and it matters, and it’s up to us to realize it and act accordingly; especially expressing gratitude for every moment and striving to grow and find meaning.

I hope you have a great Monday, an awesome week and an incredible 2017.







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