Why the March for Life IS the women’s march


I don’t often like to think about politics… the laws and different parties and politicians themselves make my head spin. But one topic that can be considered ‘political’ which I do think about is the March for Life that is happening this weekend in DC. This is one rally I did want to go to because the matter of abortion is one I am passionate about; to me it doesn’t really seem like a political issue as much as an outlook on life.

This past weekend was the March for Women also in DC. As a former employee of a non-profit focused on women’s empowerment, I am familiar with the views held by the women who took part in this march.

When I started working at the non-profit, I saw for the first time women who were not only passionate about women’s rights, they were angry about it. This to me this was confusing, I felt that as a woman in America, we not only had rights, we were also treated with respect and revered. While I had met men who weren’t great people, I never felt slighted or at a disadvantage because I was a girl.

What I found over time at this job, was that there were many women who have been wounded by men. Fathers, husbands, co-workers… men who had hurt them deeply and had never been confronted about the pain they had caused. It was these women who felt most strongly about women’s issues and why the term ‘feminist’ is not often associated with someone who is warm and gentle. Wounds hurt, hurt feeds bitterness.

Something else that confused me both at the non-profit and even more so at the women’s march this weekend, was that pro-life women were treated as outcasts. The one problem to me that is the most related to women’s rights is that of abortion.

What could be more offensive to women than a law that cancels out our ability to bring life into the world? What could be more precious than our unique ability to create another person?

How can we tolerate taking away the gift of life from countless babies… many of which would have grown up to be women? Yes, it is our choice… but why on earth would we ever choose to take away the opportunity of someone to live? When we take that away, they never, ever get it back. The potential of that person and the life they could have led is robbed from them forever. Think about your life, there is pain and suffering, there is also joy and most importantly the opportunity to love and be loved. What could justify our taking this away from other women… from other people?

As women who have the unique capability to bring new life, I think a law that supports abortion is more oppressive than anything our president or any other man could say or do. Abortion and contraception communicates that our bodies are inherently wrong and need to be fixed.

The March for Life is the March for Women. We have a gift that is unbelievable and it is our right to protect and defend it. We shouldn’t ever, for any reason have to sacrifice the person created inside of us…a person who has the potential to grow into a strong and loving woman.

I feel privileged to be a woman, especially a woman in the United States, where I can drive, work, get paid, vote and voice my opinions (however controversial). However, as a woman, I see the importance of my ability to bring life into the world and feel that right should be protected… not just for me and any children I may have, but for all the women who could be born, ever. The potential they have is unimaginable… what right does any person have to limit that?

I can understand why some women may have felt the need to march last weekend. However I think the most urgent and pressing issue for women is that of the protection of life and the role that we play in it’s creation; that is why I think the March for Life is also the March for Women.

Unfortunately due to this extended illness I’ve had since the beginning of January, I’m unable to make it to the March for Life. I will be supporting everyone marching from my home and hope to be there next year.

Here’s to the women who chose life for each one of us.





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