Monday 5: Patience & other things I’m excited about this week

This weekend was another non-eventful couple of days. While I very much wanted to go out and socialize, resting has been a number one priority these past few weeks. The good news about that is I’ve had a chance to read more, something I think is healthy and beneficial. New book recommendations will be coming soon!

Here is this week’s Monday 5, I hope it helps add some pep to the start of your day. I know Monday’s can be rough and distinctly un-exciting. Here are some things I’m excited about this week and might get you excited too (or at least thinking about what could be exciting to you)!

Happy Monday!

Framed painting

This is probably one of those most people won’t relate to, but I’m super excited to finally have sent an artwork I was given at my college graduation to be framed! It has been sitting in my closet since August of 2015 and I can’t wait to have it hanging on my wall after all this time. It is a rendition of the wedding at Cana (Jesus’ first miracle) by a Japanese artist. The colors are spectacular and the details really incredible. I put off taking it to get framed because I knew it wouldn’t be cheap and I felt overwhelmed, having never framed anything before. However the woman at the shop was super helpful and I think the money it costs will be worth it to finally be able to look at the artwork and cross this off my list. There are other pieces of art I want to get framed as well but I thought this one would be a good place to start. Baby steps, right?

Learning to say ‘no’

As I said earlier, a theme in January for me has been repeatedly turning down offers to do things. This is really hard for me as I love to…do things. With people. However health issues have forced me to really prioritize my time and be okay with missing out. Although painful and incredibly frustrating, I think having to say ‘no’ over and over has been really good practice for future opportunities where doing so might be a good idea. I won’t always have to say no the way I’ve had to this past month, but there are times I want to say no or feel I should and don’t because it’s hard. Exercising this skill has been helpful to overcome the fear of hurting someone’s feelings or missing out…practice makes perfect!


Last week I mentioned hope and how practicing being hopeful has been helpful when things aren’t moving quickly enough for me. Similarly, patience has been a really valuable practice recently. I’m not a patient person by nature, and technology hasn’t helped me with this (anyone ever used the One-Click purchase feature on Amazon?). However often there are answers to questions we really want or feel we need but don’t get right away. Sometimes there are conversations we want to have but can’t quite yet. Or job promotions we’re looking for, or direction we need, or results we’re waiting on…immediate gratification is much more common online than in real life. The ability to wait hopefully and not anxiously is what I see as patience. Being okay with not knowing, being okay with where we are right now, trusting that it will work out…it’s a valuable life lesson and one I’m excited to practice more.


I don’t know why recently I’ve been re-discovering my love of skirts. I’ve always had them but especially now I’ve been bringing them out and wearing them more often. I love how feminine they are and just remind me of a simpler time…I feel like Audrey Hepburn when I wear a high-waisted skirt and blouse…so classic! I’m going to be on the lookout for another skirt to add to my wardrobe this Spring.

Speaking of which…

It’s almost February!

I am so excited that the shortest month of the year is starting this week. Spring could not come sooner but there are fun things going on this month as well! I’m also hopeful that this month will bring the end of my extended sick period and reinstate some normalcy! If that is the case, some goals I’m setting for myself this month are to reinstate a workout routine and practice on improving my sleep habits! Tips appreciated.

What are you excited for this week/month? Comment below!



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