Monday 5: Commitment & other things to be excited about this week


This weekend we had the best weather in Charleston. While Saturday was a little cloudy, the seventy degree temperature definitely made up for it, and Sunday was just perfect! I even found the motivation to go clean my car… something that has been on my to-do list for an embarrassingly long time. Better late than never!

I hope your weekend was lovely (good weather or not) and that your week is off to a great start! Here are five things I’m excited about this week (and that might get you a little excited too):

White blouse:

A while ago my mom gave me a simple white button-down blouse, which I promptly stuck in the back of my closet and left there without too much thought (sorry mom). A few weeks ago I purchased a pair of Lily Pulitzer pants which I realized would go perfectly with that top. And then I realized how well a simple white button-down goes with everything! Duh, Miranda. Jeans, a skirt, trousers… you name it. I love too that it doesn’t just go with about anything, it kind of makes any outfit a little classier… without going over the top. I’m very excited about this discovery and owe my mom a sincere apology.


Recently stationary has been making a comeback and I’m so excited. In a world of one-word texts and emojis a handwritten letter has become kind of sacred. There is something so much more intimate about writing down your thoughts (whether a simple ‘thank you’ note or a love letter) than typing them out. Probably because it takes more time and effort, writing seems much more meaningful. I love brands that are coming out with not just cute stationary, but also clever and funny cards. One of my favorite brands is Slideshow Press. We have about a million of their greeting cards so when a thank you note or ‘you are awesome’ card needs to go out we can send one. Of course I love to write, and letters are one of my favorite medium for connecting with others.

Lemon crab cakes

This recipe from the magazine ‘Louisiana Cookin’ is one of my new favorites. So yummy! It doesn’t take too long and isn’t too difficult. The hardest part was probably forming the patties… turns out crab meat doesn’t like to stick together too much. Other than that it was simple and so tasty! It’s a great option for a dinner party or family meal or date night in! Highly recommend it. The downside of using recipes from magazines is that they are harder to come across online. So, I’ll be posting the recipe later this week in case anyone wants to try it!

Gratitude + humility

There are always so many things in life to be grateful for. Sometimes we see it and sometimes we have a harder time with that… recently I’ve been more aware of blessings in my life and how often I take them for granted. I realized that part of this was due to a lack of humility on my part. This may sound strange, after all what does humility have to do with gratitude? I think the good things in life (family, friends, good work, health) are often things that are granted to us. Meaning, you may eat healthy and exercise regularly and sleep well, but that doesn’t guarantee that you won’t get sick. Similarly, even if we are really good at what we do, that doesn’t mean we will keep the job or move up the career ladder. I guess what I’m trying to say is that we’re not the ones solely responsible for the good things in our lives. We don’t make other love us, they choose to. We don’t get jobs, we are hired. When we have something really good (like health or a loving marriage), to be grateful requires some humility. We didn’t make that thing happen on our own. Gratitude implies gift… this life is a gift and really the only appropriate response is a humble and sincere thank you.


As millennials, we are notorious for our dislike of commitment. Getting married, sticking to a job, even accepting an invitation in advance often seems too much of a challenge for us. The reasons behind this are interesting to explore… is it the infamous FOMO that holds us back? I think fear of missing out certainly plays a role; but I think even that is a symptom of a deeper fear… fear of choosing wrongly. We don’t want to make a mistake… we don’t want to fail. Instead of giving our all to a few things, we spread ourselves out to avoid becoming too invested in one thing. This effectively protects us from losing something we might really care about. While this approach has it’s merit, I think in reality we’re losing more than we realize. Recently I’ve had to made decisions that require sacrifice. I realized doing it all wasn’t an option…I also realized part of the reason behind my hesitation to give anything up was because I was scared what I did stick to would backfire horribly. It’s true that committing to one thing/person is risky, but I think there’s something really beautiful about a worthwhile risk. There isn’t much certainty in life and if we wait around for it, we’ll be on hold for a while (forever, to be exact). Committing is an act of faith and hope… two virtues we have quite a lot to gain from practicing.

What are you committing to this week?

Happy Monday!





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