Monday 5: Being steadfast & other things to be excited about this week.


Another weekend come and gone! Friday evening my sister came into town for the weekend, we had a nice time exploring Fort Moultrie with a couple of her friends Saturday morning. I love doing the touristy things when people come to visit!

We also went to one of my favorite restaurants here in Mount Pleasant, called Vickery’s which is by the water and has delicious seafood.

This past week was a restful one as I had not one but two days off unexpectedly! Pretty sweet. I could have been a lot more productive with my time off but it was certainly nice to have time that I could make for those things that normally don’t fit in your schedule (like talking to your grandma and attempting homemade bread).

I hope this week is a good one, here are five things I’m excited about that I wanted to share!

Kale and pasta recipe

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m trying to stray (just a little) from my Pinterest tendencies and explore recipes from cookbooks and magazines. This was one I found in the February issue of Bon Appetit and loved it! It’s pretty simple, the main ingredients are a thick pasta and kale with a fair amount of black pepper. I like that it did include kale (which I’m not a huge fan of) and that it used a type of pasta that I hadn’t tried before. I think it’s a great dish for a weekday that you don’t have a lot of time but want something that is yummy and semi-nutritious.

Something I’m good at

Okay I know I put a song in last week’s Monday 5 but I couldn’t help myself…I’m obsessed with Brett Eldredge’s newest release ‘Somethin’ I’m Good At.’ It’s so funny! And catchy and just a happy tune that makes me smile. It’s different from most country songs on the radio right now and I just love how upbeat and happy-go-lucky it is.

Party hats

Last week I went to Old Navy and while waiting in line to pay I saw these adorable party hats by Meri Meri. Hosting a good party is a skill I hope to nurture and develop more over time and I think it is often all about the details. These hats are definitely one of those fun, cutesy things that add more flavor and character to events. The colors are really pretty and I love the sparkle at the bottom! It turns out Meri Meri has some pretty great party favors, definitely worth a look before your next event!

Homemade bread!!!

Okay if the exclamation points didn’t give it away, I’m really excited about this one. A goal I recently set for myself is learning how to make delicious homemade bread. Growing up my grandmother had the best homemade bread and eating it when we went to visit her was an absolute treat. I feel like making bread is one of those lost arts that people don’t make time for anymore and I think it’s too bad. There’s something really rewarding about putting time and effort (kneading is hard!) into something special to share with others. After chatting with my grandmother for about half an hour just about the directions in the recipe she uses, I felt more confident going into my project (wouldn’t it be great if we could do that with Martha Stewart?!). I didn’t have super high expectations but I was really pleased with the results. While not as good as my grandmother’s, the bread I made was yummy and had a great texture. I hope to keep refining this skill and share some of the love with people I know!


So it turns out steadfast isn’t meant to be a noun…just an adjective. But steadfast is such a great word. It means ‘resolutely or dutifully unwavering’ (definition courtesy of Google). I know I can often be driven by a momentary emotion or thought; so for example, if I think in the morning, ‘it would nice to have smoothie today,’ I’ll often go out of my way to get a smoothie, whether I really should or not. Or if I get irritated by something small or feel uncertainty about something, I’ll make my next decision based on what I feel at that moment…as opposed to allowing the feeling to pass before acting. This can become unhealthy especially when it comes to strong emotions like fear and big decisions. I like the idea of being steadfast because I think of it as a more integrated way to be. Instead of acting based on one feeling or thought, you take into consideration the whole picture and use logic in addition to emotion. I guess something I’d like to work on is being more steadfast, allowing a thought to be just a thought and a feeling to be just a feeling before making decisions based on things that aren’t necessarily the whole truth.

Happy Monday!



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