Monday 5: Savannah edition


Happy Monday! I hope this weekend was a good one! We enjoyed our day trip to Savannah, GA. I’ve been to Savannah a few times before and have especially enjoyed it the past couple of times. It is such a lovely city with lots of historical sites and very welcome to visitors. Only two hours away from Charleston, it’s an easy drive which makes it perfect for a weekend getaway.

The weather wasn’t great, there was actually a pretty heavy storm for a little bit in the afternoon but luckily we were inside for a tour so we were spared the rain! It was super humid and warm though, just a heads up. I think next time I’d like to go in the Spring or Fall.

In any case, it’s definitely worth a visit if you ever get the chance, here are the top 5 things I’m excited about in Savannah, GA!

City squares


Every block or so in the historic downtown, Savannah has lovely squares with beautiful trees and some sort of historic monument or fountain. It was refreshing to be in a city where you almost see more green than concrete. The squares are nice too because they offer shade, and you might even learn something if you pause to read the text on the landmarks! Also, there are specific ‘ambassadors’ who work for the city who usually hang out in the squares to hand out helpful information for tourists. This is how we found out about the free trams that you can get a ride from and the free boat rides!

Cafe M


I’m very wary of touristy spots whenever I go to a new city. It’s hard to tell online whether a restaurant/shop is actually cute or just a tourist trap! I was a little nervous about Cafe M because it’s on the water which is where most touristy places tend to be, but it turned out to be great! It’s honestly adorable inside and the sandwiches we had were very yummy. Granted, I think locals don’t probably frequent that spot too much, but even so it’s a place I’d happily return to.

St. John the Baptist Cathedral

We were lucky enough to make it in time for daily Mass at the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist. Regardless, just walking around the church would have been a treat. It is seriously gorgeous. This is probably one of the more beautiful cathedrals I’ve been to in the states, so pretty! Definitely well worth a stop if you’re in the area – it was also a nice break from the extreme heat/humidity we had that day!

The childhood home of Flannery O’Connor

As I mentioned a few Monday 5’s ago, we’ve been reading a couple of Flannery O’Connor’s short stories recently. Flannery’s childhood home is in the heart of downtown Savannah close to the cathedral so we decided to stop by. It was a great tour, and free! We learned so much about Flannery, her family and different cultural differences of the time period! It was really cool to see original furniture pieces from her house and to learn about how she got started. Even if you haven’t read her work, just learning about her quirks and tenacity when it comes to writing was super interesting!


We ran into a couple of these oyster shell wreaths, so neat!


A slightly rundown courtyard we ran into…Nicholas made me pose even though I’m not a fan of getting my picture taken…I always feel so awkward in front of the camera!

The Paris Market


This was probably one of my favorite spots. I’ve been a handful of times before and each time just love it. It’s a two story French boutique with a coffee shop attached. They do such a good job of arranging their products in an incredibly creative and beautiful way. Upstairs they have smaller items like candles, creams, scarves, candy and greeting cards (my favorite). Downstairs it’s larger items like furniture, plates, cookbooks and other home items. You could easily spend way too much money here but walking around is so fun and inspiring! I definitely walked away with some craft ideas that I want to try.



Despite the less than ideal weather and the one moment of panic where we thought we had forgotten where the car was, the trip was super nice. We wanted to get in some quality time before Nicholas starts his more intense rotation this week and going to Savannah was such a nice opportunity for that! Adventure is an essential part of relationships and one that is easy to forget about!


Here’s to mini getaways and a new week!



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