Monday 5: Photography& other things I’m excited about this week


Happy Monday! I want to first and foremost apologize for the lack of Monday 5 last week! I make an effort to not miss one but every now and then it just happens! Hopefully your Monday wasn’t too traumatic despite the usual post ;).

This weekend we checked out a spot called Palmetto Brewery with some of Nicholas’ residency friends. I actually really liked it! It’s mostly an outdoor venue with only some seating inside and several picnic tables and a stage for live music outside. I really enjoyed the low key atmosphere and the beer was good. We tried a few different ones but my favorite was the Brose, a shandy that is very tasty!

Saturday I caught up with a few of my friends and then had some people over for hot dogs and good discussion! Those are some of my favorite nights, hanging outside with a few people just chatting and enjoying each others’ company.

Sunday I got to go to brunch with my brother and sister, we had a great time at the Granary in Mount Pleasant which we had heard from a friend that their brunch was great. It was super yummy (I ordered waffles with banana, nutella and blueberries) and the service was excellent.

Sunday Nicholas got off work a little early and we were able to go to the beach for a quick swim which we hadn’t done in a while! It was really great to be in the water again.

Before we got in we were sitting on the beach and a four year old named Clara approached us and asked us if we had any birthmarks…#thingskidssay.

After a super long intro, here are 5 things I’m excited about this week:


While my dad was in town last week, I borrowed Nicholas’ camera to take pictures that would be a little better than we what I can take with my phone. It was super fun and I’m excited to hopefully learn more about how to take good pictures! It’s amazing how differently pictures turn out on a ‘real’ camera, especially if you know what you’re doing! I think photos are such a great way to cherish what is important to us.


When I was in college I took advantage of the extensive gym to go to some yoga classes. After that I never really returned to it, I wasn’t eager to spend the money and I preferred the ‘high’ I got after doing something like running. Recently I’ve been re-thinking this because yoga seems like such a good way to practice mindfulness. I went to yoga class with mom and we enjoyed it! It wasn’t too difficult but still stretched us out and we definitely felt more relaxed after. There’s also something cool about just setting aside an hour a week where you’re just focusing on what you’re doing right then. I’m hoping mom and I will continue to build this practice and reap the benefits of stretching and just being for a little bit each week.

Messy Parenting

I came across the podcast a few weeks ago and just love it. It’s hosted by a married couple who have 10 children (can you imagine?). They talk about parenting, marriage and general topics that relate to family life. One of my favorite episodes so far has been their wedding story, it’s possibly the most chaotic day in anyone’s life and reminds us of how little the wedding really matters in comparison to the marriage. They are so fun to listen to and very wise. I love their outlook on raising children and married life in general. As a young, single person, I don’t get to spend time with married couples too often, but I think it’s so important to do so! We have so much to learn from people in different stages of life.


I am not a remotely poetic person. As much as I like to read and write, I struggled so much in high school and college to decipher the authors we read. A lot of time symbolism is lost on me and I remember being completely shocked when people would come to conclusions about the meaning of our readings that were entirely over my head. For one of our ‘monthaversaries’, Nicholas gave me a book that interpreted TS Eliot’s ‘Four Quartets’ (a poem from a book we both love). This week we started reading the poem along with the breakdown from the book. It was really nice to read something with such rich language (we had to look up like every other word) and with such deep meaning. Even though we struggled (a lot), it’s been cool to read beautiful literature together and I’m excited to continue to work on it!

Spray stock flowers

These cost $2.99 at Trader Joe’s and are so cute. They are kind of whimsical without being over the top and last a fair amount of time! They also are pretty voluminous on their own so can be a centerpiece by themselves. I think they are just so pretty and love the look they bring to the home!

I hope this gets you excited, or at least thinking about what you are excited about this week!




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