Monday 5: November & other things I’m excited about this week


After all the anticipation for Halloween weekend, I ended up getting sick and was in bed for most of it.

But, I will say it was nice to actually do nothing for an extended period of time for the first time in a while. That is an upside of getting sick, it forces you to rest – whether you want to or not.

We were able to go to a Halloween party Friday evening for a bit which was really fun. The couple who hosted had a beautiful house on Daniel Island and had converted the basement into a haunted maze! It was really fun (and spooky), we were really impressed! They even had a selfie station for us to commemorate our night with!

Thank you to everyone who gave me costume suggestions, there were some awesome ideas! We ended up going with Elliot & JD from the TV show ‘Scrubs’. Nicholas spray painted his hair black, I wore a blonde wig and we both wore scrubs and stethoscopes. We were a little apprehensive since it didn’t seem as obvious as we had hoped, but we had fun regardless.


It is a little harder to feel excited about things when you’re sick, however these are some things that are helping me to feel a little better about this week despite being a little under the weather.

All Saints Day

I really love this feast day taking place on Wednesday that celebrates all the holy men and women that have gone before us. Learning about the saints is always so inspiring, not only because of what they accomplished, but also because of the struggles they faced. Celebrations are such an important part of life! And this is an especially good reason to do so. I’m especially excited since this year we’re having an All Saints Day party, which I’ve had a lot of fun planning. Although if anyone has any food ideas, please let me know!! So far I mainly have games and decorations figured out.

Homemade donuts

Making donuts was on my Fall to do list and we were able to do so with Nicholas’s family last week. They were so good! And so easy to make. All you need is some vegetable oil, biscuit dough and whatever you want as toppings (we used powdered sugar, cinnamon and brown sugar and a glaze). You separate the dough into the ‘biscuits’ and then using something about the size of a quarter, make holes in the center (we used the top of the cinnamon container…very orthodox). You can set aside these small pieces of dough to make donut holes. You then heat up the oil to about medium high and then when it is hot place the donuts in the oil until golden brown. After you can put the toppings desired on top. So yummy!! Good for breakfast the next day too.


To me, the holiday season really starts in November. It finally gets chilly here in Charleston, we know Thanksgiving is only a few weeks away and Christmas shortly after that!!! I really love to take advantage of this season to make our homes beautiful, spend more time with friends and family, and of course, eat good food. I certainly don’t want to rush through this time or stress out about all there is to do, simply enjoy it! November is also a great opportunity for us to remember all that we have to be grateful for, something we should do more often…but now is as good as a time as ever ;).

Old-school movies

Saturday my brother and I watched the original, 1978 Superman (his choice, not mine). It’s crazy how much the film industry has changed since then. Especially in the area of special effects, the difference is incredible. There were certainly moments I cringed at the cheesy-ness of the movie and there were definitely aspects that were not entirely realistic (it is a superhero movie made in the 70s, after all), but what I really did appreciate about the movie was how innocent it was. There was no graphic sex scene, no crude humor, nothing that would make me embarrassed to watch it with my parents or around younger kids. Even the bad guys weren’t as bad as the villains today seem to be. I’m not sure what led to our movies being so different in that regard than those made 30-40 years ago, but it was quite refreshing to take a break from the often discouraging Hollywood scene we have today.

Greatest Love Story

I think this may be the second time I put a LANCO song on my Monday 5, but this one definitely merits it! I heard this song for the first few times without finishing it and was disappointed thinking that it was another ‘has been love story’ songs that seem to be everywhere. But one day I actually finished the whole song and it had a really sweet, happy ending! It made me so happy and it’s honestly a good song too, not only because of the message. I get so excited every time it comes on! Love.

Anyway, hope you have a Happy Halloween and All Saints Day!



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