Monday 5: Birthdays & other things I’m excited about this week

I hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving! As I mentioned last week, my siblings and I took some time to visit my dad in NC and it was good for the four of us to be together again. I also got to see two of my childhood friends again which was so fun! There’s something about being in your hometown and spending time with people that you’ve known since you can remember that is really nourishing. Nevertheless I’m glad to be back in Charleston and getting ready for all the fun things coming up!

I know everyone must be getting busy with the holidays, so much going on! It’s a little easier to come up with things to be excited about around this time of year, but in case you’re looking for some inspiration, here’s my 5.


I love love love Advent (the four weeks in the Church leading up to Christmas, it starts this Sunday), almost more than Christmas Day. Almost.

I just love the excitement it holds and all the fun ways we can celebrate this time of anticipation. So many traditions to start/uphold! I have so many ideas for this Advent that I’ve decided to make that its own blog post, so be on the lookout for that next week!


December also means multiple birthday celebrations, just to add to the chaos. I will be turning 23 next week! Nicholas has his birthday on the 10th, my stepdad on the 11th and my good friend Lucia on the 13th (the same birthday as Taylor Swift)! To celebrate (in case you didn’t know I love celebrations) we will be doing a bar crawl the Friday after my birthday with some friends, a dinner with my family on Saturday and brunch on Sunday! And possibly a couple of other, smaller things in between ;). It sounds like a lot, I clearly love taking advantage of all the opportunities to make a big deal out of things! I love the events themselves and then just the planning too; so many ideas! I like to try to be creative about decorations/food/games and make it as fun and thoughtful as possible. I will probably talk about some of my ideas I’ve had in another Monday 5!

LL Bean flannel

This weekend my sister and I did some shopping (it’s our favorite thing to do together) and I found this flannel top by LL Bean that I am obsessed with! I love flannel already because of how comfortable and cozy it is, but this one is my favorite so far because of how incredibly soft it is and how festive the pattern is! It looks like I’m wearing Christmas and I’m a big fan. It’s also a little heavier than my other flannel tops which makes it good for cold weather. I’ve already worn it once and will probably wear it again this week!

The Catholic Guide to Depression

So this one may not seem as exciting (given that it’s about depression), but I thought I would share it anyway in case someone might find it helpful! Since I’m studying psychology, I like to read/listen to things to do with mental health etc. This book was given to me last month and it’s honestly been a great read. I think depression seems so mysterious and there are so many ideas about it out there that it’s hard to know what’s true and what’s not. This book breaks depression down in a really helpful way. It talks about what depression isn’t. For example, spiritual desolation, bipolar disorder or substance abuse, but it also talks about how they overlap. It goes into the medical/biological treatments and spiritual help for depression and has some additional resources too. I highly recommend it for anyone who suspects they may be depressed, knows or is close to someone who is or just wants to understand the disorder better.

This quote:

Do not forget that true love sets no conditions; it does not calculate or complain, it simply loves. -Saint John Paul the Great

I love this. I also need to be reminded of it frequently.

Happy Monday!



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