To those who loved

To whom it may concern,

You loved, didn’t you
You gave them your all, you didn’t hold back
You loved.

You stayed ’til the end, and when they left you mourned
You mourned, didn’t you
When they changed their mind, when they walked out the door
You mourned.

You cried, didn’t you
When they didn’t come back, when the end came too soon
You cried.

You’re hurt, aren’t you
Your heart isn’t right, it hurts as it beats
It hurts.

Well let me say this, brave friend who reads
When it hurts just a little too much to bear
When your tears are too many
When you mourn day after day
Longing and missing and wishing it would all go away

Let me remind you of your most courageous deed

That is giving yourself in freedom to be

A gift to another, the most precious one

You loved, my darling, you loved.

It burns and it pains as nothing else does

But one thing I promise you can be sure of

Love never is wasted, not even one bit

Not even when the one we loved calls it quits.

As painful and difficult and broken it can be

Know that loving is the most wondrous of things

Hold on to this truth, my dear ones, as you suffer for it’s sake

You loved and that is the most important thing you will do

Nothing more beautiful, treacherous or with more at stake.

So hold fast to what’s left of your heart, I promise it’s more than you think

And in time, in time you will heal and be ready again

To love once more and be loved by a Love that will not ever leave.

Well done, good and beautiful friend

You loved, oh guarded one, you loved.

And in the end, that’s all there really is.


Miranda Kate

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