On Little Resurrections

I’m not exactly sure how the term came about, but I remember we were talking about the difficulties we were experiencing (some self-imposed, some out of our control) and how much we were desperately looking forward to Easter. My friend Grace and I were on one of our many coffee runs to escape from the office and the phrase ‘Little Resurrections’ was born.

When I look at the big picture of my life, very little is going how I would like it to, how I planned.

I’m in a weird season of waiting and hoping and getting kind of tired of waiting and hoping. I feel like I’ve been here a while, starting last year with everything that happened—losing someone I loved dearly —right up to today, where I currently am far away from home and having lost the job I came here for after only a mere nine months.

In a sense I do feel like these big areas of my life are lying in a tomb, I’m waiting for them to be resurrected but unsure of when/if that will take place.

It’s dark in there.

However, the reason ‘Little Resurrections’ was coined, is because even while experiencing times of uncertainty, times of difficulty and times of suffering, there is goodness. There are lights that shine, lights that can only give their light because of the darkness. Lights that otherwise would go unseen, unlit.

I’ll give some examples.

I experienced a Little Resurrection when I found a beautiful place to live in, within my price range and close to work and the city.

I experienced a Little Resurrection when I explored a part of the country I had never been before, and found that it, too, had it’s beauty to offer.

I experienced a Little Resurrection when I was reunited with one of my childhood friends in Niagara Falls.

I experienced a Little Resurrection when I became dear friends with my roommate whom I had never met before.

I experienced a Little Resurrection when I had people over for the first time in my new apartment.

I experienced a Little Resurrection every time someone reached out to me in the aftermath of the layoffs, expressing the condolences and giving me their encouragement.

All of these aren’t Big Deals. They won’t go on my resume or on wedding invitations. But they are essential to my life all the same. They were sources of life that sustained me even while I watched other, bigger things lie stubbornly still in their tombs. You see, these things all took place in the middle of suffering/uncertainty/difficulty. As I experienced the pain of the breakup, the loneliness of moving to a new place, the rejection of being laid off . . . these Little Resurrections continuously crept up, broke through the darkness and allowed me the chance to rejoice when the Big Picture was overwhelmingly bleak.

Easter is a grand occasion and the most deserving one of all the joy in the world. Not only joy for what has happened, joy for what we celebrate today, but joy because of the hope it inspires. Easter is the most important and meaningful resurrection in the course of human history. And it has implications which should make us jump up and down with glee. One of them being, the resurrection is real for us. It was real 2000 years ago and it will continue to occur in our lives every time we face death or loss over the course of our lives.

No matter what ‘death’ you are in the middle of, this isn’t it. Because of today we know that this isn’t it. There is more to the story than the page we are currently stuck on. And in the meantime, even as we continue to wait for the resurrection we want the most, there are Little Resurrections. Countless small, bright lights reminding us that death and darkness never have the last word.

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