Ask Him


There can be a lot of things that get lost in translation between men and women. Often these communication mishaps cause a great deal of unnecessary anxiety for both parties. So, being a girl who doesn’t like anxiety, I decided to stop beating around the bush and ask some men what their thoughts are on relationship-y things.

What does he look for in a girl? What does he look for in a relationship? Does he really care about the outfit I picked out?

I am a lucky duck and happen to know exemplary guys brave enough to sit down for an interrogation with me.

Sometimes it may seem like these kind of men (or people in general) aren’t easy to find, but they’re out there. It is crucial for us to remember this and not settle in the really important things in relationships. We need to remember our insurmountable worth and all that we can bring to a relationship, understanding that the right person will see and want that…but you don’t have to take my word for it (what do I know, anyway?).

Read up on some of these [good] men’s thoughts and see it for yourself.

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