Another millennial, another blog.

I realize that today everyone and their mother write blogs (literally my mom and my grandmother and my godmother all have them). So I appreciate you taking a few minutes to check out this one!

I started writing for the world to see my sophomore year of college. At first, ‘the world’ was only my mom, grandma and aunt…but still. Now there are a few others (like you) who have been reading too.


Amor omnia vincit is a Latin phase that means ‘love conquers all.’ The purpose of this site is to start discussions and provoke thoughts about love, relationships and the family. My bottom line is always that you were made to love and be loved, it all comes down to this.

Of course what this really means isn’t as intuitive as we would hope. Additionally, there are little lies out there that (inadvertently) lead us astray. Here we speak hopefully on the truth about love and what our own experiences (good and terrible) have taught us on the subject.

Love is not a mushy, gooey feeling accompanied by starry eyes and weak knees (as the ‘romance’ movies would have us believe). It is not overrated, unrealistic, cliche, or a lost cause either (as the skeptics claim).

It is a sacrifice, a risk, a choice you make that will take you on the greatest adventure of your life – especially in the context of marriage and the family.

We’re all learning (slowly and painfully) to love and be loved and I want to share this lifelong journey with you. I hope you may learn something, be inspired and maybe even share part of your journey here.


Here’s to the bottom line.

Miranda Kate