Monday 5: Surprise parties & other things I’m excited about this week


I know in a lot of places today isn’t a great day…so many storms doing so much damage! Here in Charleston we are getting a tiny bit of Hurricane Irma, it’s stormy and windy and the power has already cut out once. Praying for all those areas that have been so seriously affected!

That being said, I think finding the silver lining is so incredibly important, especially on days like today. That’s why I decided to go ahead and have my Monday 5 go out today, I’m sorry I missed last week because of the holiday!


I know writing this brought me a little hope and peace and hopefully will do the same for you, or at least remind you to make a list of things that bring you some hope and peace.

Here are some things I’m excited about on this stormy Monday.


I came across this song on Spotify and have been listening to it on repeat for the past four days. It’s so cute!!! I love the laid back, relaxed vibe that makes you want to just dance barefoot in your kitchen. A perfect pick-me-up song that you can listen to after a long day of work or hanging out on a lazy Saturday (or on a hurricane day).

Paddle boarding

Nicholas finally got a paddle board last weekend after searching the many secondhand selling sites for months. We picked it up last Saturday afternoon and took it out for our first ride Sunday morning! It was definitely precarious with the two of us on there but we managed to stay on. Nicholas paddled while I sat in the front, it was a beautiful and peaceful way to start the day. It is such a relaxing hobby and perfect for a town that is surrounded by water, it definitely doesn’t require the skill that surfing necessitates and is something you can easily go do with others or on your own. It is a good workout, though, since it requires a fair amount of strength to stay balanced (as I found out the hard way). We’ve gone twice in the morning so far and have gone on one sunset ride as well…so fun!! It’s great for us to get 45 minutes where we can talk or just enjoy each other’s company quietly while admiring all the beauty of Shem Creek.

Oyster roast season

One thing that is pretty popular here in Charleston is the oyster roast. I went to my first one a few years ago and now I get excited about them too. Typically you go someplace that has long tables and the roasted oysters come out and are thrown unceremoniously on the tables still steaming hot. From there you use shucking knives to break them open (or in my case ask someone to do it for you) and then use crackers and/or cocktail sauce if desired. It’s fun to dress in fall gear and get a group together to stand around and chat. Charleston has several oyster roasts throughout the season and I’m excited to make it to one soon!

British-themed surprise parties


Our friend Lucia (shout out!) spent the summer in England (Cambridge, no less) working at an elite summer camp for high schoolers. We decided to welcome her back with a taste of her summer days. I made scones (from a mix), had a bowl of goldfish and potato chips (fish n’ chips), crown shaped sugar cookies (from scratch), and some ‘wine gummies’ I found in the British section of Publix (very authentic…as you can imagine). We had champagne and a slew of British decorations I had found around my house (we are all anglophiles). Nicholas put up a British flag made from streamers. It was a fun night, we had a few good friends of Lucia come and enjoyed chatting for a few hours. I of course loved planning and putting together the small event and am already scheming for the next one!


Since third grade when I went to an all girls’s school in Venezuela, I’ve taken a lot of pride in good handwriting. I think it is such a nice, small detail that can make a big difference! Whether it’s on an invite, a letter, your personal notes or a sign, pretty handwriting can be such a game changer! Recently I’ve been working a little more on lettering, I don’t completely follow the models I find on Pinterest but I combine them with my cursive. It’s a fun, relaxing project to work on while listening to music and can come into use for gifts and decorating! I’m excited to continue to improve.

I hope everyone is safe and dry this weekend! Here’s to finding the silver lining on a very cloudy day.




Monday 5: Themed parties & other things I’m excited about this week


Happy Monday! I hope you are starting off the week without too much despair. I am actually pretty excited because Nicholas moves here today! It has been a lot of anticipation in the past few months, first because we weren’t sure where he would even be placed (he could have been heading to New Hampshire right now) and then because of the wait for him to finish school and move.

Needless to say, we are both excited about being in the same place.

This weekend was more relaxed, I enjoyed some time on the beach, my friends and I hit a few bars downtown (including a sweet rooftop bar called The Watch) and we went to brunch this afternoon at a lovely restaurant called 82 Queen! Highly recommend it if you are in the area, it really is a lovely atmosphere (you feel like you’re in a secret garden in Europe), and the prices for brunch aren’t too bad. They also have a delicious pomegranate mimosa.

Here is this week’s 5, I hope it inspires you to make a list of your own excitements this week!

Themed parties

To welcome Nicholas in style, we’re having a medically themed housewarming party and I’m so excited! Just looking up ideas has been so fun and I can’t wait to put some of them into action. Some of them include sangria labeled as ‘blood type O negative’, medical wristbands for guests with their names on them and a ‘numbing station’ with various adult beverages. Planning is something I love to do already and the fact that we’re creating an experience for others makes it that much more fun. I will definitely post pics of the end results!!


Exercising more has been something I have been struggling with for the past few months and since it has gotten so hot, running (which is typically my go-to) has become a lot less viable. I’m a fan of incorporating exercise into activities outside the gym when possible so this weekend I went for a swim in the ocean. It was a beautiful day that I didn’t want to spend indoors and swimming is an exercise I actually enjoy. I wasn’t out there for super long but I’m hoping to make it more of a habit this summer and get more exercise that way.

Missing – William Michael Morgan

I have my sister to thank for this one. This weekend she introduced my family to this song which we all instantly loved. He talks about getting away and unplugging for a bit and we all sighed at the really lovely idea. Sometimes going on a impromptu outing and turning off our phones for a little bit can bring a lot of much needed peace and joy that just isn’t as attainable in front of a screen or in your office. I love this song and the reminder that sometimes it’s okay to take a break from the rat race.

ALDI supermarket

Mount Pleasant recently got an Aldi’s and we’re thrilled! I hadn’t gone often before but had heard good things and have enjoyed checking it out. While it definitely doesn’t have everything on my grocery list, it definitely has the basics at good prices. They also have a superb rosé for $10! I was super impressed. I appreciate that Aldi is smaller than other grocery stores so it’s a little less overwhelming; plus they check you out super fast. More time to drink rosé!

SoundSleeper App

I recently read an article on the importance of sleep hygiene; which sounds a little weird (is sleeping typically unhygienic?) but has actually helped me a lot. The idea is basically that there are little things you can do when it comes to your bedtime routine that help you sleep better. Things like ensuring your room is dark, making it a little cooler and using a white noise app can actually make a huge difference. Since I read the article and started making these small changes I’ve been sleeping noticeably better. The SoundSleeper app is probably my favorite. There are so many sounds to choose from and it’s free! I think silence makes me more aware of the fact that I’m not asleep, noise helps that reality not seem so oppressive. Sleep is so essential and any tip that is helpful at all is a huge win in my book!

Here’s to a lot of more exciting things coming up.